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RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 09-03-2008 09:00 AM

Wow, I got pwned. Tongue Sorry to hear you are frozen Mario-Man. Tongue

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Biolizard13 - 09-03-2008 11:31 AM

Yes i do laugh at my own jokes!!!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 09-07-2008 01:03 AM

loly, soz, I've been off because of school for a while, next chapter tomorrow, hopefully. Big Grin soz again Sad

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 09-07-2008 02:30 AM

Mario-Man Wrote:loly, soz, I've been off because of school for a while, next chapter tomorrow, hopefully. Big Grin soz again Sad

No problemo, its obvious that most people went back to school, cause activity has went way down. Tongue (I'm back to school, but I still pop in the forums at night. Tongue)

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 09-14-2008 06:18 PM

It's so late but anyway...
Chapter 13
The flower feilds
Mario-Man's mind was awake but his body was asleep! It felt weird to him, to beable to feel but not move! He could think but he couldn't act. But he felt relaxed really, so e didn't mind the fact he was falling 400 feet in the air.
Mario-Man laded with a thud on apile of roses but he didn't care atall, he allready felt dead!
Soon after Mario-Man had landed three other people came crashing down, but landed in a very long lake!
Then Came a Dragn who also landed in the lake. Timby, BD, Mark and Max made their way up to the surface of the lake just when a knocked out just_in fell into the lake. Timby nodded at BD and he jumped onto her back and the both of them swam under the water!
Mark screamed when he saw Mario-Man and jumped out of the lake and ran over to him!
Under the water Just_in was floating but he wasn't awake to try and save himself. But Timby and BD had just got t him. Timby took hold of Just_in and put him on BD's back and the three of them cam flying out of the water and landed on the ground. Timby got Just_in on the ground and Max came running over.
'What the hell Happend to him,' Timby was muttering.
'Timby, I studied CPR in school,' said Max.
Timby raised an eyebrow and said, 'Are you sure? Then you take over from here.' Timby came tawards Mark who was beside Mario-Man.
'Heees DEAD,' cried Mark.
'I think your making a mountin out of a mole hole,' said Timby who pointed to Mario-Man's hand, which was now moving slightly.
'What are you talking about,' started Max but he stoped as he saw Mario-Man's hand moving too.
'ARG,' yelled someone. Timby turned his head to see a old man running tawards them with a shotgun in his hand!......

Shadow shuffled slightly. She didn't like it hear at all. She was in Mr.L's office, and it wasn't a nice sight. Books wear lying around all over he place. Posters of Timby with darts in them and there was this horrible smell! She was orderd here and had to sit on a chair in front of Mr.L's desk. The door opened wide and he himself walked in and sat at his dsk and laughed.
'I've done it! I've rid myself of those Pests!'
Shadow had decided that Mr.L had done it, he had finally gone mad!!!
'WINE,' Yelled Mr.L and the door swung wide open and kamek the dizzy koopa s taggerd in and carried a bottle of wine in his hand. He came over and dropped two glasses on the tabble and pourd Shadow some wine. He went over to Mr.L and was going to pour hom some wine when he tripped and sent the wine spilling over Mr.L.
Shadow giggled. Mr.L jumpedup and took hold of the wine bottle and smashed it over Kameks head. He then grabbed hold of him and pushed him out of the door. Kamek tried to get back in but Mr.L slammed the door on his face and Kamek fell to the ground.
'That Koopa! I swear I'll Knock the living life out of some day!'
'I think he needs a dotor,' said Shadow,'and so do you!'
'Thanks for caring but I don't really.'
'I think you do!'
'I think you need to shut up! And thats why I got you hear, you deserve to be punished!'
'Punished? I'm not your flipping puppy, Mr.L-'
'So I think I shall put you on a 24 hour nightmare!'
'You what?'
But Mr.L did he turned and stared into Shadow's eyes. Shadow could see Flames dancing in Mr.L's eyes. She tried to pull her eyes away but she just couldn't she fell of her chair and the nightmare Began!.....

They had got it all sorted. The Man owned the flower garden. He had thought Timby and the rest wear robbers. Mario-Man was cured because of the type of roses he landed on and jusrt_in was fine...but he had a bit of a sore head. They were alowed to the stay the night.

The Next Day:

'Ok, folks, today before you all set off, I have an idea. Why don't you go see 'Nivlac the great!'
Timby spat out the tea he was drinking! Nivlac...he had to see this.
Just before they allwere going to set off Mark came over to Timby and said, 'We are leaving to go get help!'
'Huh? who?'
'Me and Max. You can take Mario-Man and BD. But we will go get more help against Mr.L.'
'Ok, sure.' So it was setled.....

Timby, BD, just_in and Mario-Man set of to go watch Nivlac's show.....
To be continued...

Next Chapter: Black Dragon's true form.

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 09-14-2008 06:45 PM

LOL haha, Mr.L... ner ner great work mario-man!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 09-17-2008 07:15 AM

OMG, Timby saved my life. XD Lol, another great installment, I'm curios to see Nivlac's role in the story. Tongue

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 09-18-2008 08:14 PM

Well, I may do it tonight or later today!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 09-18-2008 10:30 PM

Chapter 14
Black Dragons true From

It felt great to ride on something so fast. Sitting on BD's back wizzing through the air, it was a good experance. On BD's back sat Timby, just_in and Mario-Man. They were on there way to see...Nivlac the GREAT!
'Ok, BD, I think we have made it,' said Timby and BD landed.
'Hello All! And welcome to Nivlac the great's magic show. I'll just be coming around and taking the fee for the show,' said Nivlac. He was on a stage. He wore something ever so strange indeed. He wore a cloak and Top hat. He held a large Gold cane with a Red glass ball at the top. On his right side his cloak and Top hat was white and on his left side his Cloak and Top Hat was Black.
Infront of the stage was 50 seats. Atleast 49 were full. The last one BD hoverd above.
Nivlac got all the money and was just about to ask Timby for his fee when he smiled.
'Well hello, sir Timby. What brings you here?'
'Hey, Nivlac. We came to see your show,' said Timby.
'Yes...We,' mutterd Nivlac and he saw the others.
'BD, just_in and Mario-Man! How are you all. I'll talk to use hafter the show but don't worry, your tickets are on the house!'
'Thanks,' said Timby and just_in. Mario-Man and BD nodded as they both couldn't talk.
Back on the stage Nivlc began.
First of all he brought over an Ice flower. He waved his cane over it and it became a Fire flower.
Next he ponted his can at Mario-Man and fired a blue light.
Mario-Man wasn't dressed in Black and grey anymore. No, now he wore Blue and Pink.
Mario-Man wqas dressed in his normal Black and grey again.
Everyoen cheered.
Nivlac went back onto his stage.......

Part 2 later, tonight.

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 09-18-2008 11:19 PM

lol, whee! magic show!