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RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-30-2008 10:47 AM

I'm loving the action sounds, old school comic for the win! Another awesome chapter !!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-30-2008 05:58 PM

Thanks guys, next chapter later today!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-30-2008 08:34 PM

Chapter Nine
just_in and Shadow!!

Just_in was in the vent. He had managed to get onto Mr.L's ship to save Shadow with Timby. Speaking of Timby just_in didn't know that Timby was pushed into a black hole leading to a differnt world. just_in pushed open a vent slot and climbed out. He was in a halway. An arrow pointed to the right. It said on the arrow: To the deck.
Just_in was about to go right when he thought of something: He would never go unoticed. He looked around the hall. There was noting he could use.
'Damn,' mutterd just_in. Just then a guard turned the corner.
'Hey, You,' he yelled pointing at just_in, 'get over here!'
'Gladly,' said just_in as he ran at the guard! With full force just_in knocked the surprised guard into the nearest door, it swung open and just_in pused the guard inside before going in himself. He kicked the door shut and then looked it. Another guard walked past the door and heard the noise of just_in and someone else fighting. He was about to try and open the door just as it opend rom the other side. The door hit the guard in the head and he fell back, hitting his head on the nearst wall also, he fell to the ground ina heap. Just_in walked out of the room dressed in a guards uniform. He hadd kocked out both guards and had taking the uniform off one of them. Now h could go onto the deck...and that he did!
In a locked room, shadow sat, looking out of the small window. Was Timby ok she thought. The last time she saw him he fell from the cadge! Was he...dead? She began to shake her hea. She shouldn't be thinking like that! If only she could know....
On the deck Just_in was listing toa conversation. Mr.L was talking...talking to another guard.
'HaHa! My Plan is turning out perfectly,' laughed Mr.L.
'Yeah, Boss! Your the greatest! Yo rock!'
'Yes! Timby gone, shadow kidnapped and Mario-Man and his pack of pokepalls locked in Blackdraon's cave! The sword master will deal with them! Guard! Give me a status report with Kamek!'
'Sure, Boss,' said th guard as he fiddled with a weird phone thing. He put the phone to his ear. After five minutes he took it down again and turned to Mr.L.
'Ummm, Boss. We can't get talking to kamek-'
'B-b-boss, I'm sure ever-'
'I don't really know..boss,' mutterd the frightend guard.
'WHAT IF TIMBY BEAT DRYBOWSER?! YOU FOOL,' He yelled at the guard. Then a small green ball wa beginning to form in Mr.L's hand. He tossed it at the guard. It hit him and he forze on the spot!
Just_in gulped...Mr.L sure was evil!
'You there,' shouted Mr.L pointing a just_in, 'You will guard my door.' Then Mr.L walked over to a green door, opend it and walked in.
Just_in stood at the door, thinking. What DID happen to Timby? He just had to find out. And what was Mr.L talking about Mario-Man for? Just_in needed to find Shadow and get outa here. But he would have to be carefull...or he would turn out like the poor frozon guard.
A minion came running past.
'Hey, you,' called Just_in. The minion came running over.
'Yeah,' asked the minion.
'Mr.L wants you to watch his door for him,' lied just_in.
'Ok, sure,' said the minion, he walked over to the door.
Just_in ran to the other side of the flying ship. There was a no entery sign there. Just_in enterd anyway.
There was a dark hall that went on straight, then it came to a wall. The was door on the right...and a sleeping guard on the left. Just_in tried the door...locked! He turned to face the sleeping guard. There in his pocket was a key. Slowly Just_in reached for the key and got i out of the poket. He put it in the lock and turned it. There was a click and me_just_in walked into the room...
In the room Just_in closed the door and locked it. Then he turned round. There in the corner was a chair. On the chair...sat shadow.
'Me_just_in,' whispered Shadow. 'How did you get here?'
'Long story,' he said.
'What happend to Timby?'
'I don't know, we gota get outa here, now!'
'What? How?'
'SomeHow now com-' He was cut off because he heard a smashing noise.
'What was that,' asked just_in.
'They are trying to get in,' whisperd Shadow.
'What? Now we are trapped. Huh? Whats that that under your chair?'
'It's a pokeball,' mutterd Shadow.
Another smasing noise. Soeone shouted from the oher side.
'Open u Shadow and Just_in,' called Mr.L!
'I've got a plan, that just might work,' said Just_in. 'Try and catch me with the pokeball.'
'WHAT? But your not eveing a pokemon!'
'But it might work. Ctach me then put the pokeball throw the window.'
A third smash!
'But the window has bars, And what about me?'
'A pokeball can fit through them. I'll find Timby and the others, then we will come back for you!'
Then another smash...and the door fell in. Mr.L and three other guards came walking into the room. Shadow grabbed the ball and caught Just_in she ducked over to the window and pushed the pokeball out!
'What,' asked Mr.L, 'just_in managed to excape,' he said crossly. The guards caught Shadow!
'Oh well, I still have shadow the princess of the stars,' laughed Mr.L.
'WHAT,' yelled Shadow.
'All in good time,' sniggerd Mr.L!
To be continued...
'Grrr! I can't believe this,' called Mr.L. 'Oh well We still have shadow.

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-31-2008 02:49 AM

Mario-Man! Your story is a bit amazing! I think i'm a bit in love with it! It reminds me of reading pokemon fan fictions lol.... but i get to be in it! Thankyou!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 08-31-2008 04:04 AM

Two words: Simply amazing! (Lol, I'm a lot cooler than I thought I would be. Tongue).

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - a1329th - 08-31-2008 07:57 AM

I didn't come in yet, man...

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Biolizard13 - 08-31-2008 10:45 AM


RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-31-2008 08:08 PM

Chapter ten
a1329th the sword master

'Who the hec are you,' asked Mark, 'What is it you want?'
'We have pokemon, you know,' called Max.
'Me? I'm a1329th, the sword master. I'm Mr.L's right hand man if you must know,' said the man.
'And what is it you want,' orderd Mark.
'We have pokemon,' repeated Max.
'First off I want my Black Drgon back. Second I want you two and your little friend there to follow me without question,' said the man.
'Sure thing. You can have your BlackDragon,' said Mark, takig out the pokeball. 'BlackDragon go get 'em,' yelled Mark!.....

Shadow strugled but it was no use. The guards had a FIRM grip on her sholders. They were have pulling half dragging her up onto the deck. On the deck now was a small tabble, with what seemed like lovely breakfast food, and Shadow dound herself being pushed onto a chair. Mr.L came walking tawards the tabble.
'Oh Please tell me I don't have to eat breakfast...with you,' mumbled Shadow.
'You would, but I'm far too busy,' said Mr.L.
'Doing what,' asked Shadow.
'Well I have to go out with brobot to try and find kamek. I don't know when I'll be back.'
'What happend to Timby,' said Shadow.
'Timby? I don't want to say it but hes probaly alive. It's clear kamek and Drybowser are beaten.'
'Yess,' cheered Shadow. Happily picking up a pancake and taking a bite out of it.
Mr.L slammed his fist on the tabble. 'You think it's all happy now because Timby and the rest of those bugs are comming to save you. But your wrong, see. Your wrong because my right hand man, a1329th is taking them out as we speak. Also who knows were timby is know. And as for just_in. If you think his pokeball plan is going to work you have another thing comming!'
Shadow picked up an apple and chucked it at mr.L. It hit off is head.
'Princess Shadow,' shouted Mr.L. 'Wh-'
'Princess?! For the last time I'm not a princess! What are you talking about?'
'All in good time, princess, all in good time.'.....

'Ha! If you think MY dragon will attack ME your wrong. Her and I are EVIL,' laughed a1329th.
At the word evil BD charged at the sword mast knocking him against the far wall. BD snarled.
'WHAT? BD me and you we are a team of evil, arn-' he was charged at ain but this time he was ready. He pulled out two large swords and stabbed BD on the back. BD pulled away and the sword was left there. Mark jumped onto BD back and tried to pull the sword out. Blood was leaking form the poor dragon.
Max jumped when he saw a1329th coming for him! He took out a pokeball.
'Go, Mime jr,' he called. Mime Jr came out but he was useless. One tap from a1329th and mime jr fell to the ground. Max caught him.
Maio-Man ran tawords the sword master.....PUNCH! a1329th fell to the ground. By now Mark had gotton the sword from Black dragon's back and had used a super potion and some herbs for her back. Black Dragon charged for the sword master one last time....WAM! a1329th was knocked out.

Next Mark, Max and Mario-Man were flying high on Black Dragons back. In Blackdragon's claws was a1329th.
'First we have to leave the sword master off in a safe place and THEN find Mr.L,' said Mark.

Sitting on a beach Mark fiddled around with his Poke-dex.
'Black Dragon's not on the list of pokemn here,' he said to Max.
'Duh! Shes not a pokemon,' laughed Max.
Mark was about to disagree but a hole opend from the sky.
'Hey! What's that,' asked Mark.
Max opend his mouth to awnser but soemthing fell from the hole...well someone.
CLUMP!...It was...Timby!
Timby picked himself up. 'Ow,' he mumbled clutching his sore head in pain.
At that moment BlackDragon came out from under the water. On her back was Mario-Man, the had caught around 5 fish for dinner. At seeing Timby Mario-Man and BD jumped out of the water and left the fish ona rock. They went over to Timby.
'Mario-Man? Blackdragon,' mumbled Timby. He was very dizzy.
THUMP! Something fell and hit Mario-Man on the noggon. It was....a pokeball! Mark jumped for the pokeball and picked it up.
'Dips I keep the pkemon inside,' he shouted. He touched the btton and out popd just_in!
'What,' cried Mark, 'Your not a pokemon!'
'Nawww,' said just_in getting up, 'I don't want to do that again!'
'Just_in,' whispered Timby.
'Explain yourselves,' orderd Mark.
So just_in and Timby did......

Later that night after dinner on the beach the six talked things over.
'Ok, so tomorow I we all will go after Mr.L,' said Timby.
'No! me and my Mario-Man are leaving. If you two are going after Mr.L why shoul we,' said Mark.
'I'm leaving too,' said Max.
'BD's not a pokemon,' said just_in.
'And anyway,' said Timby,'Mario-Man and BD are coing with us.'
'Why? Never!'
Whatever thought Timby as he lay on his back looking up a tthe stars.
Oh shadow he thought. Shadow shadow shadow. What ever was in store for the six tomorrow, we will just have to wait and see...

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-31-2008 08:54 PM

soooo awesome! I love your story! love love love!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 09-01-2008 01:46 AM

Spectacular! Astounding! Entertaining! -Can't wait for the next installment. Tongue