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RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-24-2008 11:56 AM

Mario-Man Wrote:Chapter seven
Attack on Timby city
Lights, camara, and action!
'Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! It's the grand opining of..Timby City,' called the MC! 'And here is the master himself, with his Gorgeous Girfriend, Shadow!' A platfrom came from underground and on it stood Timby and Shadow waving.
'Tonight Shadow is doing he ribbon cutting,' shouted the MC.
Timby but his arm around Shadow and the two walked on.
Timby City was highly decorated with lights, posters and decerations.
Shadow got hold of the pair of VERY large scissors. She put them close to the piece of ribbon and..snip!
Everyone clapped, and clapped. Shadow walked ack over to Timby, when suddenly, BANG!
A large firework shot into he sky an exploded. It was a Very good frie work as it left a picture of a face in sparks in the sky.
The face was of...Mr.L!
Three more shot out and they all spelled out a message:- Timby, hand over Shadow!
'What the hell,' mutterd Timby. 'Huh,' gasped Shadow. All the watchers thought it was weird.
The MC began to talk, 'What?! Umm, anybody know what that means?'
'What the heck is that,' shoutd someone! Comming taward the city, in the sky was a gaint long ship. On the middle of the ship was Mr.L!
Well a gaint version from his chest up. Noone knew that the head was actually Bro-Bot.
Then out of the ship shot a few golden balls!
'Bombs,' mutterd Timby. Then he shouted, 'Everybody, run for cover!'
Then he grabbed Shadow's arm and both began to run.
BOMB! BOMB! BOMB! Two gaint holes on the city street and one part of a bulding was knocked down. The gaint ship came derectly above Timby and shadow aand droped something on a chain!
'What is that,' asked shadow pointing. But then she relised what it was. It was a cadge. Soon it landed! Timby was left outside it and shadow was in it.
'Shadow,' shouted Timby running back to the cadge. But he was too late! The cadge was being pulled up to the ship, with shadow in it! Timby ad an idea. Quickly he ran to the highest bulding in the city and began to climb the long fligh of stairs.
At the top Shadow's cadge was just being pulled along, Timby jumped at it and got hold.
'Timby, be carefull,' said Shadow. Timby began to climb higher, then he heard a voice over a powerfull mic.
'Oh Timby I wouldn't bother,' shouted Mr.L from inside the ship.
Then out jumped two very large looking men. The slid down the chin and landed on the cage. Timby began to fight. He did the best he could and got one man off. But the other suddenly jumped at Tiby and knocked him off. Shadow screamed!
So down fell Timby seeing the ground come closer and closer.
Then something pushed him hard. It pushed him onto the roof of the nearest bulding.
Timby got up, he was very shocked. He turned to see...me_just_in.
' did you get here,' asked Timby.
'Notime for that, now,' said me_just_in as he grabbed Timby's arm and jumped off the bulding with him. They landed in a two seater car, it was rather small.
'Me_just_in! You could have killed us both just now,' shouted Timby.
'I knew this car was here,' said me_just_in as he started the car and drove after the ship.
'What are you driving to,' asked Timby.
'Now get a grip of the side of the ship,' mutterd Me_just_in.
'What? Why? Ho-' but timby was shot out of the car and into the air.
When he got as high as the ship someone grabbed hold of him. Timby quickly grabed the man's legs and pushed him off the ship.
Then someone came running over to him-it was Mr.L.
'You.' shouted Timby angrily. But Mr.L ran at him and with all his miht punched him off again. Then Mr.L mutterd something and a black prtal opend below Timby and he fell in!
Little did Mr.L know me_just_in had got shot up too, and he did get in the ship.
To be continued.....

Me_just_in: Soz that you only got in this chapter a weee bit but I promise you are a main charecter, and there is a lot about you in the hole story, just not now. Also do you mind if everone in the story call you just_in for shortness?

Next chapter: Trouble for Timby.

Another Awesome chapter, I feel special as! Thanks Mario-Man!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-25-2008 02:01 AM

Thanks, Shadow, ok neeext chapter
Chapter 8
Trouble for Timby Birdo
everything was blank and black. Timby was on his back, knocked out.
Then suddenly he woke. He got up and looked around. There wasn't much to see, realy. Then he remembrd how he got here.
'Shadow,' he muterd. Then he began to walk
After walking for around a good hour and a half he noticed something. It was a large fort type thing in th backround. He began to run to it.
'Hey, wat up,' called a large voice. Timby looked round to see a very strong looking man running after him.
Timby acted quckly. He jumped and landed on the man's sholders and began punching his ead with full speed.
'Gah,' shouted the man in pain. He took out a rope and cought Timby with it. Then put Timby over his sholder and walked tawards the castle.
'Put me down,' shouted Timby now kicking the man's head.
The man got angry and shouted, 'Give it a res, I'm just following orders!'
Soon they got to the castle and the man walked in with Timby. He placed Timby on a Table and locked him on.
Another man walked over, 'You caught him, did you,' ased he secon man.
'Never ask me again to get a guy, he hurts,' said the kiddnapper.
'Who the hell are you people, and what is this place,' demanded Timby.
'Boss, I caught this worm,' shouted the kidnapper. Then he swung the tabble around to face the far door. Then in came...DRY BOWSER! Also followed by Kamek.
Dry Bowser made some weird noises and then kamek sarted to talk, 'The king says: Very good work, now Mr.L will be pleased,' said kamek. Then Kamek handed Dry Bowser his wand. Bowser walked over to timby and held the wand high above his head then, CRACK, SLAM!
At the time he was pushing the wand down his arm broke off, it fell and hit the chain keeping Timby tied up, he jumped and knocked bowser's head off and ran for the exit. It was locked but he managed to get to the other and into the next room. The next room was a tower, He climed the stairs...
Above was a bridge leading allaround ina circle. Then Kamek jumped in and began to chase.....

Part two will begin sometime tomorrow, i think.

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 08-25-2008 02:15 AM

Mario-Man Wrote:Then Kamek handed Dry Bowser his wand. Bowser walked over to timby and held the wand high above his head then, CRACK, SLAM!
At the time he was pushing the wand down his arm broke off, it fell and hit the chain keeping Timby tied up...

Lol. Tongue

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Biolizard13 - 08-27-2008 11:30 AM

More chapterz PLZ!
Awesome story so far!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-28-2008 07:33 AM

Big Soz, I'm busy doing stuff for bebo page. When I do a bit more of that, part 2 will arrive!
Sorry, Mr.L!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-28-2008 05:55 PM

Awesome chapter Mario-Man!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-28-2008 09:42 PM

Next part...coming soon.

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-29-2008 12:24 AM

can't wait!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-29-2008 06:23 AM

Ok this is the second part to 'trouble for timby' The story will get better in the next chapter, expecilly for me_just_in and shadow as the next chapter is for them!

Part two
The circle all away round was long. But at the end was a platform leading to the center. Timby bega to run from the angry magikoopa!
'get back here,' called the magikoopa, flicking spells at Timby.
Timby got to the platform and made it too the circle. This is when the trouble started. The mad magikoopa got there too!
'Now time to team you some manners,' shouted the magikoopa. He cast some spells at a few rocks and they tured into the following:
A Boo
A goomba
A Koopa
A fly gy
A pokey
and a wiggler. His little army began charging at Timby. The koopa and goomba were easy to get rid of. Timby jumped on the koopa and then took it's shell and tossed it at the goomba. The fly guy began to dive and Timby caught hold of it's feet. Around and around they went. Then they headed for the pokey. Timby kicked it's top head off, and had to bounce it on his foot in the air. Then...kick! He shot it upwards and it hit the fly guy who turned into a pile of air. Timby fell..ontop of kamek koopa.
'OW! Gte off me,' shouted Timby. Timby got up. Then he rememberd he was against kamek and was about to sit on him but the boo appeard infront of Timby knocking him back. The boo coverd it's eyes and was gone. Timby looked away: It appeard. Timby looked back: It was gone. Timby turned his back on the boo. Then reached his hand backwards and got hand of the boo's tail. He swerved round and pulled hard on the tail! Just at that time Kamek koopa got up. Timby let go of the boos tail and it shot at Kamek. The force knocked kamek off the circle and down into the fort. CRASH!
Timby could hear Dry Bowser making strange noises and suddenly....JUMP! Up jumped Dry Bowser! He landed in the circle.
'King! Wait! TIMBY IS REALLY STRONG,' shouted kamek as he flew up on his broom stick. DryBowser just grabbed a bone from his side and threw it at kamek. SMACK went the bone. It fell off the circle. Butsoon it flew back up and landed in the space in DryBowser's side.
Drybowser made some more strange noises and kamek then talked. 'The king says: You have gotton far, Timby but now you have to...DIE!'
DryBowser pulled all his bones into his shell and shot at Timby. Timby jumped and landed on his knees on the shell. It was a wild ride. The shell went back and forward, super fast. Timby read his hand inside a holem and brought out DryBowser's head. DryBowser opend his mouth and a shot of fire was sent out. Timby tossed the head at the ground. It bounced then Hit Kamek in the eye! 'OW,' yelled the sore magikoopa as he fell from his broom. He cluthed his wand and held it out at Timby as DryBone's head went back in to it's hole in the shell. Kamek let off a spell, but his aim was terrible. It hit the shell and....CRACK! CRASH!
Timby got to his feet, and laughed. There was a pile of bones and a shell cut in half. But his laugh didn't last long as the bone joined together..again! Apart...from the two halfs of the shell. DryBowser clicked agin and kamek spoke. 'The king says: That's it, you will pay! Theres nothing you can do!'
'Oh I think there is,' said timby as he got hold of a half of shell. He Pushed it at DryBowser! Bam! All his bones shatterd. Only he head was left.
'Oh King, I'll finish him,' called Kamek. He lifted his wand in the air and...WHAM! Timby had pushed the second half at kamek. It had knocked him over to the head of DryBowser. Drybowser opend his mouth and bit kamek in the leg. 'OW!'
As for his wand, it rolled over to timby. Timby picked it up and saw it was glowing! He aimed it at Drybowser's head and out shot the spell hitting with direct force! The head exploded into a red ball that flew into the air. As for kame he got shot straight into the air! The red ball also exploded then and turned into a portle, much like the one timby had fell into. So he was happy to find himself beig sucked into it!
But just as the portal was closing kamek fell back into it! nbe continued....

Next chapter will be called:
just_in and Shadow!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 08-30-2008 03:09 AM

Awesome chapter, M-M!