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RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - a1329th - 08-22-2008 06:16 AM

Can I be in the story, all I want is a dramatic entry and sacrafice ending

As in I have a dramatic scene coming in and when someone is about to die, I save them but kill my self.
About two to four scenes


(P.S. I want a sword, sweet kung-fu kicks, a cool cape, and be like Ike saying about fighting for friends please).

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-23-2008 02:42 AM

You wish to be in my story? Ok, but I can't promise you will save somebody because noone dies!
You will be Mr.L's second in comand

(I'll be posting the next chapter later.)

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-23-2008 03:56 AM

Chapter 6
Black Dragon
Max Caught Charzard.
'What was that thing,' asked Mark.
'Whatever it is it hurt charzard bad,' mutterd Max.
'I'll get King Boo out,' said Mark putting his hand into his pocket but something began to shake. It was Mario-Man's ball! Mark took him out instead.
'Whats wrong, Mario-Man,' asked Mark. Mario-Man turnedd and looked out of he hole in the cave. The black thing was turning and comming charging tawords the cave at full speed. Mario-Man walked over to the hole in the cave an shook his hands.
'Mario-Man, WHat are you doing? Why would that thig stop for you,' shouted Mark.
'It's a dragon,' shouted Max, 'It's a balck dragon!'
Just then the blackDragon hit the cave and came in. The cave began to shake and hen the entrance caved in! Black Dragon gave chase!
'Come on Mario-Man,' shouted Mark, as all three of them ran down the cave! Black dragon came closer an closer, getting faster and faster. Then Mario-Man took out a large peice of paper with the link: on it.
Black Dragon stoped and looked at the sheet. Then she glared at Mario-Man.
'I know! I'll use Mario-Man to battle with the dragon,' said Mark.
'Mario-Man Bowser form, now!' Mario-Man obeyed and changed into what looked like Bowser!
'Good! Now, Shell shot, let's go!' Mario-Man ran and then went into his shell i harged at the Dragon. The Dragon was much bigger and smacked Mario-Man into a wall. Mario-Man got up.
'Flame thrower, go!' Mario-Man ran over to the dragon and opend his large mouth. A blast of fire shot out! The Dragon diden't seem hurt at all. She just opend her mouth and shot out a bigger blast of fire!
Mario-Man fell to the ground. 'Mario-Man, return,' called Mark and caught Mario-Man. 'Now Throwmp, attack!' So out came throwmp.
Black Dragon tried to grab throwmp but the pokemon bit her instead. Thn Black Dragon charged a throwmp. Throwmp rose high in the air and then slamed down of Black dragon's head. She was knocked out! Mark wasted no time. He took out an ultra ball and threw it at Black Dragon!
'How do you even know it's a pokemon,' asked Max.
'I'm just tring,' mutted Mark.
He was lucky because he DID catch Black Dragon!
'Now we better go after Mr.L,' said Mark.
They just got ready to go to the caved in hole when someone spoke!
'Sorry folks but you won't be lea ing just yet,' said the vioce....To be continued.

The next chapter is called:- Attack on Timby city.
Timby, Shadow and me_just_in will be taking the spotlight then!

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Black Dragon - 08-23-2008 05:29 AM

Dx nuu...i don't wanna be a slave! i dont wanna belong to whatever kind of cruel horrible slave driver mark is! :[

jk XD Awesome story Mario-Man, I like how you put my debut in the form of a fight Big Grin yayz for voilence lol

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-23-2008 09:52 PM

lol, BD.
Later I'm doing next chapter.
BD are you ok as a dragon?

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-23-2008 10:56 PM

Loving the story! Can't wait for the next installment xo

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-23-2008 10:59 PM

If yu can wait 10 mins you will see it! Big Grin

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - a1329th - 08-23-2008 11:33 PM

lol roflcopter


[Image: 541608129_b3e736cfc8.jpg?v=0]

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-24-2008 12:00 AM

Chapter seven
Attack on Timby city
Lights, camara, and action!
'Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! It's the grand opining of..Timby City,' called the MC! 'And here is the master himself, with his Gorgeous Girfriend, Shadow!' A platfrom came from underground and on it stood Timby and Shadow waving.
'Tonight Shadow is doing he ribbon cutting,' shouted the MC.
Timby but his arm around Shadow and the two walked on.
Timby City was highly decorated with lights, posters and decerations.
Shadow got hold of the pair of VERY large scissors. She put them close to the piece of ribbon and..snip!
Everyone clapped, and clapped. Shadow walked ack over to Timby, when suddenly, BANG!
A large firework shot into he sky an exploded. It was a Very good frie work as it left a picture of a face in sparks in the sky.
The face was of...Mr.L!
Three more shot out and they all spelled out a message:- Timby, hand over Shadow!
'What the hell,' mutterd Timby. 'Huh,' gasped Shadow. All the watchers thought it was weird.
The MC began to talk, 'What?! Umm, anybody know what that means?'
'What the heck is that,' shoutd someone! Comming taward the city, in the sky was a gaint long ship. On the middle of the ship was Mr.L!
Well a gaint version from his chest up. Noone knew that the head was actually Bro-Bot.
Then out of the ship shot a few golden balls!
'Bombs,' mutterd Timby. Then he shouted, 'Everybody, run for cover!'
Then he grabbed Shadow's arm and both began to run.
BOMB! BOMB! BOMB! Two gaint holes on the city street and one part of a bulding was knocked down. The gaint ship came derectly above Timby and shadow aand droped something on a chain!
'What is that,' asked shadow pointing. But then she relised what it was. It was a cadge. Soon it landed! Timby was left outside it and shadow was in it.
'Shadow,' shouted Timby running back to the cadge. But he was too late! The cadge was being pulled up to the ship, with shadow in it! Timby ad an idea. Quickly he ran to the highest bulding in the city and began to climb the long fligh of stairs.
At the top Shadow's cadge was just being pulled along, Timby jumped at it and got hold.
'Timby, be carefull,' said Shadow. Timby began to climb higher, then he heard a voice over a powerfull mic.
'Oh Timby I wouldn't bother,' shouted Mr.L from inside the ship.
Then out jumped two very large looking men. The slid down the chin and landed on the cage. Timby began to fight. He did the best he could and got one man off. But the other suddenly jumped at Tiby and knocked him off. Shadow screamed!
So down fell Timby seeing the ground come closer and closer.
Then something pushed him hard. It pushed him onto the roof of the nearest bulding.
Timby got up, he was very shocked. He turned to see...me_just_in.
' did you get here,' asked Timby.
'Notime for that, now,' said me_just_in as he grabbed Timby's arm and jumped off the bulding with him. They landed in a two seater car, it was rather small.
'Me_just_in! You could have killed us both just now,' shouted Timby.
'I knew this car was here,' said me_just_in as he started the car and drove after the ship.
'What are you driving to,' asked Timby.
'Now get a grip of the side of the ship,' mutterd Me_just_in.
'What? Why? Ho-' but timby was shot out of the car and into the air.
When he got as high as the ship someone grabbed hold of him. Timby quickly grabed the man's legs and pushed him off the ship.
Then someone came running over to him-it was Mr.L.
'You.' shouted Timby angrily. But Mr.L ran at him and with all his miht punched him off again. Then Mr.L mutterd something and a black prtal opend below Timby and he fell in!
Little did Mr.L know me_just_in had got shot up too, and he did get in the ship.
To be continued.....

Me_just_in: Soz that you only got in this chapter a weee bit but I promise you are a main charecter, and there is a lot about you in the hole story, just not now. Also do you mind if everone in the story call you just_in for shortness?

Next chapter: Trouble for Timby.

RE: The Mario Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 08-24-2008 10:03 AM

Mario-Man Wrote:'What the hell,' mutterd Timby.

LOL. Tongue

Mario-Man Wrote:Me_just_in: Soz that you only got in this chapter a weee bit but I promise you are a main character, and there is a lot about you in the hole story, just not now. Also do you mind if everyone in the story call you just_in for shortness?

You don't have to apologize, I'm happy I just got a part in the story. Tongue (Especially when it involves me shooting people out of cars. XD )

And about the name, I don't care if you shorten it to justin, j, Me_, just_in, etc. Whatever is easiest for you. Tongue