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The Mario Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 07-30-2008 05:32 AM

Ok I'm gona do this! I''m gona do a story about most of the everyday posters of Mario Mayhem forums! The list I had made out is below. Please tell me if you dont want to be on the story! If you are not down below and you want to be on it pm me or tell me here.
Black Dragon
Devil Mario
King Boo
Mr.L: I want you on but I was wondering if you would agree.
I was going to put you down as the storys baddie! Please tell me if thats ok.

Thanks guys and I will put on the first chapter in about 10 mins!

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 07-30-2008 06:41 AM

Chapter one.
The pokeball house

So many pokeballs. So many Pokemon. So many choices.
Max walked up and down the hall. He was in Profesor Edd's Pokemon house. This is a place that lets you take home a homeless pokemon. None had anynames yet. Max was looking for the strongest one they had. He was just about to give up hope when something caught his eye. It was a piece of paper and it read 'level 99 ----->' Max looked round there oh a shelf was about 55 pokeballs but at the arrows level there was only 4. Max studyed hard, then he picked up one. It was just like anyother pokeball. Round, top half red bottom half white. Had a button. Then something happend. The pokeball it began to shake wildley. It jumped up and down and shook in Max's hand. Suddnely he got worried and ran off witht the pokeball to find the professor. When he got to the lobby the professor was at his desk.
'Proffessor! Proffessor! Look, quick,' yelled Max as he showed him the shaking pokeblall.
'Ahh, that one. Don't worry it just wants out. It shall calm down soon,' said the calm man and looked up.
'Ok,' said Max but just then the ball began to shake harder and fell to the ground then rolled off down the hall again and top speed.
'Catch that thing' shouted the professor jumping up.
'Go get 'em JigglyPuff,' Yelled Max tossing out a pokeball. Then it opend and Jigglypuff flew out and began to roll on the ground after the pokeball. She soon caught up and pounced on it then she passed it to max.
'Good job,' called max bringing jigglypuff back into her ball. 'The pokemon seems to have calmed down now.'
'Yes,' said the professor 'Yes, it has. Would you like to see it?'
'Oh yes,' said max as he tried to push the bottun but it was jamed!
'Hey it doesn't open!'
'Oh no, Max. It does. It's just looked so only I can open it!'
The professor went over o a blue mechine. He placed the pokeball onto the mechine and pressed the red botton. There was a humming noise and then a click as the pokeball opend and a burst of yellow light shot ono the ground....

Thats the end of chapter one!

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - me_just_in - 07-30-2008 11:55 AM

Awesome story so far! (I hate to post and break the continuity, but I sure do appreciate being included in it!)

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 07-30-2008 07:02 PM

Thank you, me_just_in and theres nothing wrong with posting. I take it you want to stay in it so you wiil! Wink I'm reall trying to hold off the next chapter'till I get permision from Mr.L!
Sorry check the cast again I added three poepole!

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Biolizard13 - 08-12-2008 03:52 AM

Me as the baddie???
(that would be a yes)

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Black Dragon - 08-12-2008 04:42 AM

lol Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged FTW! Oh, Mario-Man, If you haven't already written the chapter with me in it, I just need to know something: Are ya gonna make me a dragon in the story? lol Tongue

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-12-2008 04:54 AM

Yes, is that ok? It's just you will be more of action and also you would help be transport.
THANK YOU MR.L! In about 20 mins I will do chapter 2 (and maybey chapter 3)

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-13-2008 01:31 AM

Chapter 2
I Battle with Mark

The bright yellow light bean to fade away. hen, tere stood the pokemon.
It wore a balck 'Mario' Hat with a red M. Joined to the bottom of the M was a large W, Then crossed into the M was an L. Also crssed into the W was an upside down L.
It also wore a black cape, black over alls, and a grey shirt. He wore gloves too.
'He looks like he was made for robbing,' remarked Max. He walked over to the pokemon. It's face looked..human. Max reached out his hand to touch the pokemon when it shot out a hand nd grabbed Max. e twisted him over to the wall and turned away.
'What th-,' But Max got cu off as the profesor souted catch him, the pokemon crabed his cape and flew out the door.
'Sure thing,' mutterd ax taking out a pokeball and threw it too the ground.
'Come on out, Charzard!'
Then Charzard appeard and Max climbed onto his back.
'Go after him!' And Charzard flew out the door, too!
Max could see the stray pokemon and suddenly it landed ontop of a mountin. 'Good job,' said max bring Charzard back when he landed. Then Max took out a super ball and threw it at the other pokemon. An arm suddenly reached out and hit the pokeball away.
'Come back, Mario-Man,' shouted the boy and he took out a master ball and Mario-Man jumped in it.
'...Hello, is that your pokemon,' mutted Max, srprised.
'Hey, There. Yes it is mine. Who are you,' said the boy.
'I'm...Max. But Mario-Man shouldn't have a name andhe was in a pokehouse.'
'Was he ineed. Well I'm Mark ad I lst Mario-Man a year ago when I opend my own gym.'
'Oh, sorry. You have your own pokegym?'
'Yup. Mario-Man was my best pokemon. The only one of his kind.'
'Cool, so can I check out your gym some time?'
'Sure you can,' said Mark and he took out his map. He pointed to a town beside the one they wear in.
'Ahh, havn' been there before. I'll go tomorrow, hopefully.'
'Ok, want a one pokemon battle?'
'Ok, Just a quick one, 'k?'
So the battle began.
'Go, WigglyTuff,' shiuted max and he set out wigglytuff.
'Go Mario-Man,' shouted Mark letting out Mario-Man.
WigglyTuff used sing and Mario-Man fell asleep. Mark used bell on Mario-Mn and woke him up.
WigglyTuff used pound and hit Mario-Man. Mario-Man used Waluigi-Ray and a purple beam came from his hat. It hit WigglyTuff and she became confused. Wigglytuff used pound but hit herself in confusion.
'Now Mario-Man, use Wario-Punch!'
Mario-Man's left arm changed into a big strong arm and hs glove turned white and a blue W appeard. Then Mario-Man ran at WigglyTuff and punched her hard. WigglyTuff couldn't get up!
'Come back, Wigglytuff,' called Max taking WigglyTuff back.
'So see you tomorrow at my gym?'
'Sure, see ya tomorow,' said Max ad waked off.
Mark walked off too. But none of them saw a man dressed in blak and green watch them that day. They didn't see him laugh an walk off either....
To becontinued.

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Shadow - 08-14-2008 12:19 AM

very awesome story!!! I'm hooked!

RE: The Maio Mayhem Story! - Mario-Man - 08-14-2008 02:37 AM

lol, thank you shadow.
Thanks for letting me add you. You will be in the story.