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Mario Vs. Sonic Forums - Leafshroom - 03-09-2011 11:54 AM

Everyone and their dog has an advertising topic, so I feel left out. XD

[Image: 24fcm05.jpg]
Mario Vs. Sonic is the ultimate brawling site for two of the greatest video game characters of all time:

The site boasts a lot of information, in-depth reviews, and tons of fun extras!

Not only that, but we also have a great, growing community that features fans from both franchises, resulting in a varied environment. At the forum we have a blast discussing, debating, and speculating about two of gaming's greatest heroes!

So what are you waiting for? Your hero needs you!

[/shameless plug]

RE: Mario Vs. Sonic - Leafshroom - 07-17-2011 09:20 AM

I hope it's OK to bump this thread, it's been a couple months since I last posted so I figured it'd be fine... sorry if it isn't. Sad

Anyway, we have a huge competition open right now!
[Image: jzwsom.jpg]
The Mario Vs. Sonic 2nd Annual Summer Olympic Games are now open! Following the legacy of the real Olympics, this competition's purpose is the unify both the Mario and Sonic fanbases and share their talents and ideas. There are plenty of contests (or, as we call them, "events") for everyone to take part of, you can find the entire list of events below:

- Brawl
- Art
- Writing
- Video
- Site
- Caption
- Activity
- Style

RE: Mario Vs. Sonic Forums - Leafshroom - 03-17-2012 01:22 PM

Bumping this topic again, I hope no one minds!

There's currently a really cool in-depth Super Smash Bros. 4 Discussion Thread being led my forum staff member Pokemon Z RPG. Some of you might be interested, go ahead and check it out if you have the time. Smile

RE: Mario Vs. Sonic Forums - ToadsEgg - 03-18-2012 02:09 AM

Gonna check out this website.

RE: Mario Vs. Sonic Forums - densho - 10-05-2012 03:16 AM

Thanks for sharing your forum, I was searching for Mario forums - and is one of the best, having this advertising option in order to get other people websites.