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Super Mario Mafia - Rocker64 - 10-17-2010 09:46 AM

Welcome to the very first mafia game(i may be wrong..) on MM!

There are 2 phases in mafia and each you can do quite a bit in.

Day Phase:
In the topic everyone can post and talk about stuff and vote who they think is mafia. In some games some roles have day actions too.

Night Phase:
This is when nobody can post. They send all there night actions to me though pm.

Some things you should know:

Each person will get a role , most will be different.
The person who has the most votes during day will get lynched and will be dead and cant post anymore.

The objective:

For town:
To find the mafia and lynch them during day.
Town wins when all mafia is dead.

For mafia:
To kill all townies and be last alive.
Mafia wins when outnumbering town.
Outnumbering is when either...there are more mafia than town or there are the same ammount of town and mafia.

Some good places to learn about mafia:
Here you can learn about roles
huge wiki all about mafia
a little more about mafia
alot and i mean alot about mafia here

Those links explain alot.
The last one is very good for new mafia players.

This mafia game has a theme and that theme is mario of course!

1.Black Dragon

No qouting role pms
no talking about this outside of the topic unless said otherwise
no posting during night
you may make one "go town" "go mafia" "arg ill get you" whatever post after you die
extensions to day phase can be given
day ends in 3-4 days without extensions
night ends when i have all pms
i need 16 players
no rules will be revealed
Have fun

Join today!

RE: Super Mario Mafia - Black Dragon - 10-18-2010 12:02 PM

Ah, I read the links and am no longer confused. I'll join :3

If you want, I can close the thread during the night so people won't post and open it again during the day.(lol mod abuse)

Which roles are there? Is it simple "Doc" and "Cop" or more advanced stuff?

RE: Super Mario Mafia - Rocker64 - 10-19-2010 04:54 AM

Thats good hope everything gets all cleared up!

If you dont mind that would be cool but im sure nobody would post.

There are a few advanced roles but they will all have an explaination and then there will be the basic roles.

Also if you go to the first link it has info for about any role anyone would use just with a different name.

Also anyone who is confused or doesnt know about mafia and wants to join i would recomend you look at the links even just a little from each cause they tell way more than what i said , i just posted the basics and some other things you need to know.