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Star Fox Movie - Nigel xD - 06-12-2010 02:08 PM

Well guys, in case you don't know, about 3 years ago I started writing a Star Fox film based on Star Fox 64 with a little bit of Star Fox and Star Fox II thrown in there and I came up with a compelling, 98 page screen play.

in early 2009, I finished the second draft but I lost it due to me dropping my external and losing everything -_-

Since then I've been wanting to get back to re-doing the second draft but I don't really remember what I wrote a year ago Tongue
If anyone wants to help, add me on MSN Big Grin

One night I was looking around and I came across the website of the guy who did Fox's voice in SF64, Mike West! I emailed him saying what can basically be put as confessing my love to him and lo and behold, he emailed me back.

I emailed him back saying how I'm a film making attending New York Film Academy in the fall and how I wrote like a Zelda Trilogy on top of my Star Fox film and, get this, he said it would be a GREAT HONOR to read my SF script.

I pretty much flipped at that point until I realized that the script is very 1st drafty and I'm scared D:

What should I do?!
I mean, if this guy likes it, he can pass it on to important people in Nintendo! This has potential to be so epic, but my script is iffy.

I can give you guys copies of it and you can add suggestions and stuff if you'd like Big Grin


RE: Star Fox Movie - KoopaKrazy85 - 06-12-2010 03:01 PM

I'm speechless - that's EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's freaking awesome!! ('cept dropping externals >_< that bit's not very fun)

And I'd love to read the script! :3

RE: Star Fox Movie - Black Dragon - 06-13-2010 04:07 AM

I would love to read it as well! Although I've only played a little of Starfox Adventures(OTL I'm not that into Starfox), I might be able to help a little?

About the OMG-WTF-THAT'S-SUPA-SPECIAL-AWESOMEY-TO-THE-MAX voice actor deal...I'd say give it to him as is, but let him know that it's only the first draft and that you're working on it? I'm sure he'd understand, I mean it's not like the guys in Hollywood/Nintendo/what-have-you make perfect scripts the first time around o3o. To be honest, I think if I was in his position I'd actually want to HELP with the second draft...Y'know, offer suggestions and what-not.

RE: Star Fox Movie - Nigel xD - 06-13-2010 05:49 AM

I started a major re-write last night, so I'll send him that once I'm done D:
There's the script in PDF mode!

RE: Star Fox Movie - Black Dragon - 06-13-2010 09:40 AM

Ah. From the 4 pages I've read so far it sounds epic indeed.

As for some suggestions, and this really has nothing to do with plot(because like I said, I don't know the plot of Starfox orz), but your narration sometimes sounded a little repetitive. Such as the area "Now Andross, worried that Corneria Air Defense might find it sent enemies and solders to the Lylat system in order to find it." I think it would sound better if the second "find it" was changed to something else, like "claim it" or "search for it". Just a thought.

Besides that nit-picking and some grammatical mistakes, so far the script is looking pretty d-mn good.

RE: Star Fox Movie - KoopaKrazy85 - 06-13-2010 07:27 PM

Hmm I've got to page 15, and I can't wait to read more. It's intriguing so far.

One small problem I'm having is I don't recall you defining what race any of the characters are - are they animals or actually human? It's kinda hard to picture it in my head at the moment.

But apart from that I'm really enjoying it Big Grin

RE: Star Fox Movie - Biolizard13 - 06-15-2010 06:05 AM

Downloaded and Reading now, I'll come back later, and I'll be honest about my thoughts in it.

I really do hope it's nice.

RE: Star Fox Movie - Biolizard13 - 06-15-2010 12:14 PM

I'm no critic,
and seeing from what I've read, (And skimmed some too) through,
I like it, and seeing how it's the first draft, I can only hope that it gets even better from here on out.
I may try to post what I liked after I finish looking at it.
Nigel, all I can say is good luck, and God bless.

I hope the best for what you're working on.

RE: Star Fox Movie - KoopaKrazy85 - 07-17-2010 10:13 PM

Well, this is random - but I finished reading it just now (sorry, I put it off for a while Sad)

but I gotta say, I really got into it Big Grin you actually made a compelling film from a game! (I dare say few have successfully made that game-movie/movie-game jump)

I would really love to see this come to life as I've enjoyed it so much! I'm not someone with much (if any) knowledge in the area of films, but if I can help, I'm willing to give this full support. Smile