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end of school year - pokemaster_322 - 05-24-2010 07:01 AM

even though im not done with school for 3 more weeks, it feels over already. warm weather, longer sun light . time to kick back and do anything. Big Grin

RE: end of school year - Black Dragon - 05-24-2010 11:43 AM

This week's my last week! Big Grin Yay for end of school!

RE: end of school year - Nigel xD - 05-24-2010 03:26 PM

I'm done with High School already but I have to come back to school for final exams and graduation -_-

RE: end of school year - KoopaKrazy85 - 05-24-2010 05:11 PM

>_> Lucky bastards I'm on the third last week of the semester T_T

RE: end of school year - Blaziken - 05-26-2010 06:48 AM

I get out of school on the 23rd. The 23 is the first anniversary of Spore's greatest expansion, Spore Galactic Adventures.