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Mushroom Kingdom's Haunted House - RosalinaFan - 02-02-2010 08:48 AM

Its a roleplay. Another Mario forum I was on (I got banned on it) I was a roleplaying PRO. I made a roleplay that was popular, but eventually it got locked due to finishing. But we had to keep it alive by making an alternate roleplay for it. Yes, I created it, and I'm making that roleplay come here.
And this haunted house is REAL AND IT HAS real monsters and evil spirits and ghosts (On Mario Mayhem, of course).
Anyways, take your spots, Lots to do.
Rosalina: Me
Pink Lumas:
Luma Shop Luma:
Prankster Comet Luma:
Hungry Luma:
Green Luma 1:
Green Luma 2:
Green Luma 3:
SpongeBob: Me
Myself: Me
Gary (from SpongeBob): Me-ow!
The group gathered together. They went to a haunted house. (Our group name is They.)
Me: Sweet! Now I'm gonna meet some MORE spirits!
Rosalina: You might as well be careful. I don't know why you recommended this while I'm pregnant!
SpongeBob: Um...this is kind of scary, *Puts on Water Breather for Fish*
Me: Aww, don't worry SpongeBob sweetie! *Lifts up SpongeBob and puts on lap*
Gary: Meow meow meow. (Is anyone hungry? I am!)
Me: Yeah. I would go for some golden mushrooms or some starbits.
Rosalina: We're out of mushrooms, but I'll get the starbits. *Gets the starbits*
Group: *Eats Starbits* Yum!
Rosalina: *Rubs stomach* I bet the little ones might find it yummy...
Me: Are they twins?
Rosalina: I believe so. I once felt 4 kicks, so it's possible.

RE: Mushroom Kingdom's Haunted House - KoopaKrazy85 - 02-05-2010 03:41 PM

Dibs weegee!!!!