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Help With a Song - Blaziken - 10-09-2009 08:09 AM

I've been thinking of making a song, one that makes people **** off. Here goes. Just the part I can think up.
I tell you to leave me alone...
But you just come and say "I own"
But you don't...
You're just a FA***T!!
*Song turns to Hard Rock*
You're just a f***ing perv
who thinks he's just epic...
All you are to me is s***
All you are is a d**k
I just hope you die!!
Where all the empty souuuls lie...

You just f*** with my life!!

All I can think of at the current moment. Please excuse my heavy language *Ahem* *Sounds like gentleman* I shall be going now...

RE: Help With a Song - Black Dragon - 10-09-2009 09:51 AM

Meh...I guess its all right...even though I don't really agree with the topic. Most nubcaiks are immature kids who know no better, or are just idiots who you should ignore. And believe me, even as little as 1 year ago, I was SO immature, calling things "gay" and calling anyone who looked at me funny a OMG NUB. I even once said something I wish to never repeat again..."OMG KAWAII DESU NE?!?!" *shudders*