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The Sensitivity of Some People... - Blaziken - 09-22-2009 05:11 AM

So, I was on Robl- "The Game" and I make a comment on an ad, saying


You don't go to prison for not giving a donut to a cop -.-"

And I get yelled at, seriously, how MORE sensitive can these people get!? Then he calls me a bully, for a COMPLETELY harmless comeback. I mean, seriously. Why do I even hang at a place where people that keep me from hanging are?

Also, I just came up with a comeback, he said "noob below" like all nubcaiks. So I SHOULD have said "'noob below' heh, I've seen Gorillas make better ads than you." but then he'd flip out on me, and I just wanna keep it at just the start of a fight. This is what I hate about ROBLOX, so many people that love to start fights (I've gotten out of starting them, Shia). And it's always the DEFENDERS that get in trouble for a WICKED damaging comeback that is like being punched in the bad place by Ali.