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RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 09-13-2009 01:20 PM

I hear Shia break throgh something, I run through all the Boos and Dry Bones. Run through a doorway to see the same person that passed me. I get my sword ready for a swing, then turn visible. I swing hard at Mr.L, though he dodges. I say
"Woah, how'd you get to be able to do that? That usua- Oh my god..." I say looking to Dry Bones that just enter. I whisper
"You're screwed." take the invinsiblility star, and turn invisible.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-13-2009 02:56 PM

*runs at MM4848 and fires out 3 meteorites in front of him
making a huge trench in front of him*

=BTW I'll be known as "Elecz" in this game =P

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 09-13-2009 03:47 PM

I turn around, chuckle, then jump over it.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-13-2009 04:18 PM

"....He's gone....Hmmm, It seems that these organisms are more intelligent than I had expected"
"And I felt a strange presence within him.....could it be that? noone has had that power for generations, it'd be impossible for him to have that power....."
*leaves the now destroyed room, and enters another*
"Hmm this appears to be the throne room, If it is true what they say about it...."
*smashes throne into pieces reveals a staircase leading deeper into the Castle ruins*
"so they're searching for the essences huh?....then this last one will be mine..."
*removes the glowing orb from the pedestal, hears a click*
*a hidden door opens, leading to a dark room*
"there's no going back now, might as well continue with this to the end...."

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 09-14-2009 06:20 AM

I laugh to myself. Soon, Mario's Essence, lying deep in his heart, will be mine. After that, there leaves only Peach...and that should be no problem. But who, I wonder, could be the fifth carrier? It was something to ponder on. But I didn't have time as the stairs ended adruptly and led to a tower in the corner of the castle.
"Hmm...Mario should be in the tallest tower..."
I jump out of the window and onto the roof, heading toward the central tower. There was a...special aura surrounding this castle, like I had been here long ago. It was strange, since I knew I had only been here recently, with my skirmishes with Bowser. What could this feeling be?
" we are. The tallest tower...Now..."
I throw my doll up into the air, and it vanishes in a whirlwind of air. I jump onto the place where it was and "soar" through the air, quickly reaching the top of the tower. I hop through the window, where Mario is waiting, just as I expected...

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-14-2009 06:48 AM

*struggling to find way throughout the dark hallway*
"Grrr....I can't see a blasted thing in here there's no way light could get down here..."
*reaches a dead end*
"huh.....ther is air coing from somewhere,
hey! there's a small hole down here!"
"but can I fit though?"
*jumps sown the whole and lands in...water?*
*the water reaches about 4 ft. high*
"Hmm this water is going somewhere, from somewhere..."
"which way to go?"

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 09-14-2009 10:18 AM

I walk into a hallway, all of a sudden, I hear rumbling. Then, the wall to my left breaks, a collosal, undead Bomb-Omb Bro comes charging through the hall, I sneeze, revealing myself, as if planned, the Bomb-Omb turns to me, my eyes widen with terror, I then start running as fast as I can to the other end of the hall to some stairs up to a tower. And I couldn't use the invisibility star because I can't use it while enemies are watching. I got to the stairs, I got high enough that I was just out of reach of the Bomb-Omb Bro, he then chuckles, and destroys the staircase, then walks away. I stand their horrified that I might be stuck in the tower forever.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 09-14-2009 10:38 AM

I look at Mario for a second, locking gazes with him. He stutters,
"H-have-a you come to-a r-rescue me?"
I flash a smile and calmly say.
"Why yes, I'm here to get you out. Do you know if Bowser's coming?"
"No, he just-a left me here alone, has only-a sent guards up with food, twice a day-a."
I started untying him, looking around cautiously as I do so.
"Hmm...So we'll need to be fast about this. I have a feeling Justin got into some trouble, so I guess we'll have to save him on the way out. Come."
I jump out the window and land back onto the roof. Looking around, I see that one of the towers is partially blown open.
"Justin is stuck somewhere. I guess I better check there first, huh? Mario, take this Invincibilty Star and run as fast as you can away from here. Run toward the cliff, and you'll spot a lone grove of trees. Hide in there and wait, I'll come for you later. Bowser is my kill, and you don't need to get captured again."
Mario hesitantly took the star.
"Are you-a sure about this?"
"Yes, I'm sure. Now go. This is my battle and mine alone. I've had a bone to pick with his family for centuries."
Mario put the star in his trousers and headed off toward the cliff.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-14-2009 11:49 AM

*still in underground river*
" feels as if this thing goes on forever....huh?...
My my, what a error I've made it appears as if this river goes on forever,"
*looking up at hole he early fell from*
"this place is puzzling...I'll return here later"
*enables booster shoes jumps back out of the hole*
*Hallway is now lighted with torches*
"Hmm someone has been here, but who?"
*looks further on down hallway and sees the Bomb-Omb Bro*
"Finally something to kill!..."
"Thunder strike!"
*Bomb-Omb Bro explodes and reveals a portal at the side of the wall*
"Hmm? is it possible that the portal previous to this one is linked?"
"Let's give it a try!"
*jumps though portal and is at the portal near the base of the winding staircase*
*begins to trek upward*
*sees MM4848*
"well, well, well! we meet again!"
"I'd like to know just who you are and what business you have doing here"
"you DO have a reason for being here do you?....if so, what is it?"

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 09-15-2009 02:47 AM

I climb up to the window and look in, spotting Justin. I start to jump in but stop as I see Elecz(;3). I decide to lie low and watch the scene unfold. I use my doll to turn transparent and I prop myself up on the window ledge.