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RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 08-16-2009 11:39 AM

I bump the thread with my foot.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 08-16-2009 10:37 PM

When the orb hits the pool of liquid, the pool glows for a second before clearing and showing a figure cloaked in darkness. I say.
He takes a second to respond, before replying in a smooth tone.
"Hello...I trust you are close to the 3rd and 4th Essences?"
"Yes...I will likely have them within a few days."
"That is...good to hear."
"Well, if you'll excuse me, I must be off. Those Essences won't find themselves."
He laughs and says.
"Ah, yes. Well, then, until you finish or fail your task, bye-bye."
The pool goes back to its original color. I put my hand on the wall again and the stairs form a path up. Once outside, I close the entrance and start heading towards the castle again.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 08-16-2009 11:16 PM

I tap my foot waiting for Shia, I say
"This is the first time I've ever got ahead of her! That's surprising." I turn to the door. Restraining myself not to open it. I just can't help it, like with a Hersheys, I run to it and open it. What stands there IS....

Cliffhanger :3

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-12-2009 10:59 AM

the scenery is a vast field of green grass, birds are heard chirping happily, big healthy beautiful trees are swaying with the cool breeze,
then suddenly.....

A firey explosion erupted in the center of it all!
after all the smoke cleared there was nothing but a huge crater at the base of the explosion.....
a dark figure stood still, static running up, down, and off his body...
"Hmph, so this is the land that the WWW group told me to destroy?
heh, this ought a be fun!"
*sends down strikes of lightning down on the tress, charring them*

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 09-12-2009 12:03 PM

Nothing. Just a huge, dark, empty, wrecked entrance hall. I look around, suddenly, I hear an explosion outside, I turn around, and get knocked out by a branch.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-12-2009 12:24 PM

*looks down upon the unconscious body of MM4848*
", this planet still has life on it huh?
Last time I heard about Earth, it was nothing but a complete wasteland..."
*sees a towering castle in the distance*
"Ohohohoho! what do we have here?
I think I should check that place"

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 09-12-2009 02:06 PM

I turn visible again. 4 hours later I get up, see someone walk into a doorway, I follow them, invisible again with my sword unsheathed. I go through the door the person went through, it goes down a long, gray, dark, and eerie corridor, I hear a door close, but I can't see which one, I look around. I start walking forward, then trip on a stone that says "SITE OF ONE OF THE ESSENCES." I pick it up and see it glow bright, I turn around to see a Boo, yet it can't see me. A Dry Bones waddles by, I turn down a hallway to see even more Dry Bones and Boos.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-12-2009 09:52 PM

*takes a turn down another hallway sees a dead end with a stone wall*
"Hmm, now why would they build such a long hallway, for nothing but this?...
hmm?" *hears a slight noise coming from the other side* "Well hidden! well hidden Indeed!"
"Arrrrrraaaaaaaghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"*glows brightly followed by loud
screeching noise that cracks the wall*"Now this should be easier..."
*kicks the wall down making it turn to crumble and dust*
*sees a twisting portal*"now where could this lead?"

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 09-13-2009 03:21 AM

I arrive at the castle's entrance, brutally battered but very much alive.
"Wow, the Essence is really strong here...Mario must be at the top of the castle."
I blow open the door with magic and walk in. Infront of me, a long, dark hall with too many doors to count. I start walking down the hall, thinking of only one thing: Kill Bowser, rob Mario of his Essence. That was the only thing I cared about now.
"Where could he be...hmm?"
Infront of me leads a portal to somewhere. I have no idea where, but it's better than being stuck in here, checking all these doors for nothing. I jump in, but find myself simply pushed back.
"...What the f*ck is up with this door? Ah well...I'll find another way then..."
I turn around quickly and start to walk down the hall again. But a stairway catches my eye.
"Hmmm...A hidden stairway, huh? Nice try, Bowser..."
I start up the stairway.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 09-13-2009 12:44 PM

*in a large room*
"hmph, this must be the throne room..."
*hears a echoing laugh*
*turns around*
"Mmheheheh, so we meet....King Bowser!"