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RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 10-11-2009 08:13 AM

Yay, now we can continue on with teh story :3.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 10-14-2009 11:04 AM

Elecz:"Cut it out Pyro...."
???:*glances away from Justin* "Well well well! if it isn't my good ol' pal Elecz!
So you've managed to survive here long enough so that we can destroy this planet together eh?"
Elecz:*looks at Justin*"So I see You've met the Second Grand Gen-"
???:"Ha! I'll introduce myself thank you very much!!! Ahem! I am known as the wielder of Fire and Steam!!!, I am The Second Grand General! The Amazing Pyro!!!!!"
Pyro:"So, whadaya say Elecz? Wanna Burn these
Meddling fools down to cinders with me?!?"*Fists Ignites*
Elecz:"That's enough for now Pyro, I think we should hold back until the Base is finished..."
Pyro:"Wh-Wh-Why?!? I haven't burned anything my whole trip down her!! just one of 'em!!
Ye-Yeah!!!! How 'bout that small little girl???*points to Shia*She looks pretty Flammable!!!"

Elecz:I said that's ENOUGH!!!!*Puts a massive Electromagnetic force field around Pyro*
"......c'mon, It's time to head out....we have no business with them anyways..."
Pyro:"DOn't go on thinkin' that you ain't gonna see me again little lassie! you too
kid!!*looks infuriated at Justin*

*Elecz and Pyro Vanish from sight*

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 10-15-2009 06:45 AM

"Tch, I probably have enough power to kill that idiot in an instant. How dare he call me a little girl."
Yes, I am pretty powerful...considering I'm barely human. Barely even half of a human...Just some experiment for some twisted organization's bidding...But now was no time to drown in self-pity. We had to get moving. The last Essence I needed was so close!
"Hmm...well, if you're up to it Justin, how about we forget about camp and move? We should be able to get back to the castle within a day if we hurry. If we're lucky those trolls won't catch up to us to pester us again."

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 10-15-2009 08:10 AM

"Agreed, we should get back to the castle." After a 7 hour walk, we finally get to the castle, only to be met by Pyro. He is up on the castle roof, but just before he sets it ablaze, he looks at us, jumps down, then saying
"Well, well, well. Heh. Looks like I got two little human torches." Shia looks up at him, eyes practically in flames with hatred. I look up at Pyro and say
"O RLY?" he blows me back with a wall of fire. Knocked to the ground, I say
"Verily *COUGH* so..." I get back up, draw my sword, then jump to strike Pyro in the head. He catches the sword, takes it out of my hand, and eats it.
"Awww, we're ____ed. in the ____." With his fist, he blows Shia off the side of the bridge, knocking her out when she hits the ground. I look around, trying to find a weapon, I find a stick, throw it at Pyro, he grows larger. I then remember that sticks catch fire, I throw a stone at him, he catches it and throws it aside. Then whacks me back with forearm. He goes to pick up a boulder. Then walks back, just about to crush me, I remember all the stuff I told Hypie to bring into the caves, I blow into the Whistle. All that comes out is messed up notes, Hypie races to my side, I tell him I need a fire extinguisher. He sees Pyro, then speeds off at the speed of sound. Then comes back with the extinguisher. I pick it up, Pyro's eyes widen with fear, from a Oh Noes face, goes to the >:3 face, I get back up, wobbly, I point it at him. Then pull the nozzle or whatever thing on it. Cold foam comes flying out, Pyro then falls to the ground, I drag his body to the water, then shove him in. Shia, conscious, now jumps back up onto the bridge, looks around for me, then sees me by the river brushing my hands.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 10-15-2009 08:42 AM

*catches Pyro along the stream*
"You wanted to test thier strength, and you got your ass handed to you on a platter..."
Pyro:"Ah Shaddup Elecz!"
Elecz:Hmm? a call?
???:"Sup!... I just saw Pyro's little fight just now...Man....I never saw Pyro's get beat down so hard before! It was pretty hilarious!"
Elecz:...oh man not you.....Spoutzer.....
Spoutzer:"chill out dude, anyways, the big man in charge decided to dispatch me I'll meet up with you guyz later!"
Elecz:" Now just Wai-.....he hung up...."
Pyro:"Ha! sounds like that punk hasn't changed a bit!"
Elecz:"we need to keep moving, I say we follow those two a bit and see whats going on..."

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 10-15-2009 11:40 AM

I walk over to Justin.
"Eh...Little shit surprised me. Should've saved some for me, though ;D. But anyways, there are more important things to do right now. I've already sent for Peach to come back from Sarasaland. She should be here by tomorrow..."
I trail off and close my eyes, trying not to relay my excitement through my actions. Tomorrow, I will be whole. I will find out who I really am...Even if it's something I wish I wasn't. I put my hand on my neck, over the black tattoo that was nearly covering my entire body. I then turn around and walk toward the castle.
"Mm...Say, why don't we throw ourselves a little celebration? I fear tomorrow may be the last time I'll be seen around here...Of course I still want to beat the hell out of those tramps, though. Haha."

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 10-15-2009 11:55 AM

???:So.....are you prepared?...


???Mehehehe....not much of a talker now are you? Project-X?

Project-X:You've told me that we have no need for those Grand Generals.....Correct?

???:No, No.....only Elecz....His dark's changing...You and the other two Generals must destroy him.....Immediately.....

Project-X:As you wish....Omega...


*Pyro, Spoutzer, and Elecz are following Shia and Justin at a distance*
Spoutzer:*Whisper* Ay....Pyro I must tell you the real reason I'm here
Spoutzer:I was sent by Omega to inform you that he no longer needs Elecz...
Pyro:So....Hahaha.....I've never liked him anyways...Somethin' 'bout that kid...
Should we take 'em out now?
Spoutzer:....not yet....Omega said he's sending down another Soldier to help us or something
So for now.....let's continue along with Elecz's plan...
Pyro: Perhaps we'll even be able to take out them kids to!! Heh....this oughta be fun....

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 10-16-2009 08:16 AM

I see something glowing on top of the castle, my eyes widen to see it's fire, my eyes widen, I grab onto the windows, jumping up from each one. The fire has burnt down a huge hole in the ceiling, I take the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Looking down at Shia, I say
"Party's now... Started!!" Two Lumas come down with a second sword, along with a letter, I pick it up, it says
"Try not to trust this too much next time

Rosalina" I look at it for a second, then I toss it over my shoulder. I pick up the sword.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Biolizard13 - 10-16-2009 08:33 AM

Spoutzer:WATER TOWER!!!
*Justin uses his sword to reflect the lightning and aims it to Spoutzer
then using his sword, creates a gale of wind that tosses the water twords Pyro
lastly uses his fire extinguisher to put out the "Eternal flame"
Leaving Elecz standing alone*
"Keh, looks like you know your elements kid, I respect you for that, but this ends NOW!"
"Electric Fist!"
*uppercuts Justin*

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 10-17-2009 05:16 AM

"Heh, came back again, didn't you?"
I say to myself quietly. It looks like they're ignoring me for the most part. Good. I run behind Elecz as soon as he's done uppercutting and, pushing my hands into his side, release a blast of energy, shooting him into a tree.
I glare at Elecz. My doll transforms into this disfigured sword of sorts.
"Since you seem like a half-worthy opponent, what do you say to a one-on-one fight?"