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The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 07-31-2009 12:15 AM

Someone please sticky! This is what a true forums strive for!

Here's the rules. You can be whoever you want to be, other than me, because I'm already me in this. If you don't know who you want to be. You can pick an actual character from Mario! Oh, and you should have a theme too. It just makes it look better. Here you can do anything you want, other than destroying the planet (NOTE: This is NOT the Ultimate Fight Thread!!!) Or shoving a grenade down someone's throat, this is purely Mario, though the characters (You) are whatever. I play a role as myself. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you have a destiny. Mine is to wipe evil off the face of the Earth and echieve world domination. Ok, now it has started.

It's a Saturday in the Mushroom Kingdom, wondering what to do. No computer, no DS (No Charger), no GOOD books, all there is of books is one about making Mushroom Pie, one about making Mushroom CAKE, one about space, and one strange purple pocket sized book with no title, which is weird because I've never seen that before in Peach's Castle. I take it from the shelf and open to the front page. The books title is
"Bowser Koopa's Guide to World Domination" I do the shifty eyes and shove it in my pocket. I go outside for some fresh air. I find all of yas there. I look from side to side alarmed saying:

And that's your que.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 07-31-2009 03:10 AM

Yay, I love RPing >:3. Hehe...And unless this becomes popular, I won't sticky just yet. Not many people RP <.<;.

Surprised, I stare at you(you never told us the name of your character o3o; ) before saying,
"...What? We've been here all morning...For...different reasons."
"Sigh, it's so dreadfully boring around here...there are no dark places where I can rest..."
I walk towards you and look over you.
"What are you doing here then...?"

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 07-31-2009 04:21 AM

I cover up the book with my jacket.
"Ahhhb, umm, I'm just. Ummm, (Thinking) don't say stealing Bowser's Book DON'T SAY STEALING BOWSER'S BOOK!!!! (Not thinking anymore) taking a walk outside Peach's Castle! Yeah!" >_>
"I'll just be walking away now"

I'm myself. Justin.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 07-31-2009 08:51 PM

", you're not anyone...of importance inside the castle...?"
"Very well then, I guess you won't mind me waiting out here a little bit more then."
I sit against a nearby tree and cover my eyes with my hair.
"*chuckle* And, I do hope you don't decide to follow that know his plans have all failed Wink."

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 08-01-2009 01:02 AM

I run down to the beach. And start reading the book.
"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, That one nearly worked out but CRAP!!! GOD!!! DOES HE HAVE ANY GOOD PLANS!!? *Flips to a page on the back of the book* Hey, a page was GLUED shut! Better try to see. *Opens it carefully* Woah, a plan that goes on the side of............GOOD?Question" It reads
"Gain everybody's trust. Ask them to help you in the path of world domination. Give them a gift after achieving world domination. Wipe all evil out first." All of a sudden Bowser appears behind me. He yells:
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOOK YOU IDIOT!?" Picks me up, and throws me at the castle wall, I'm knocked out. Bowser dissappears with his book. Half an hour later I wake up, a huge headache. I dunk my head in some freezing water, which helps with headaches. I look up, slap myself in the head to get my eyes back to normal. Shake my head then run over to the tree. Then yell:
"WAKE UP!! BOWSER STOLE THE BOOK! I FOUND A HIDDEN PAGE IN IT!! I don't even KNOW why he'd have a page like that!! Wake up!!!"

Oh yeah you never told me who you were.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 08-01-2009 03:56 AM

"Wait. I'm someone of importance!! I saved the Mushroom Kingdom! Like Mario!!" I say remembering what you said.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 08-01-2009 08:01 AM

Oh, my RP character name is Shia Izumi(might change that, still working on finding a suitable last name =_=). Or Shia-chan for short Tongue. Anyways...

"Gah, just as I was finally going to regain some energy..."
I stumble up and look around.
"So that pathetic book actually had a plan worth going for in it? That's a surprise...Bowser never was much of an accomplished villian."
Looking around, it seems eerily quiet. No sign of Princess Peach, or any Toads for that matter. I quickly get an idea.
"Hey, I'll tell you what...You help me find...the royal family, and I'll help you get your book back, and even help you carry out that plan, to a certain extent. What do you say?"
I smirk and get out my parasol, to protect me until sundown. I say to myself in a quiet voice.
"I wonder...if they'll notice me. Hmmm..."

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Blaziken - 08-01-2009 10:51 AM

"Yeah. Sure. I'll get Mario. If he's even there. I hope Bowser didn't even kidnap him AGAIN." I say rolling my head around and stretching. I look around. A Toad runs out of the castle door. Screaming:
"OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!" Running into the castle. Luigi is fighting off Koopas. He turns around to see Mario and Peach held by the mouth. Luigi tries to get Mario. But instead. He kicks Bowser's left arm, releasing Peach and causing him to recoil. Luigi catches Peach. Then looks up and yells:
"MALLLLLEEOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!" I run up to Luigi and look up. Bowser is flying away with Mario. He holds up the book, shaking it in his hand. Then throws it back in his flying thing. He chuckles. Then says:
"This time my plan will not fail! Though I have said that a billion times already. BUT I MEAN IT THIS TIME!"
"Aye aye aye." I say disappointed. Shaking my head while looking down.
"Now you know how Weegee feels!" Luigi says to me. Peach beside him.

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Kirby - 08-01-2009 12:55 PM

((kewl this'll be fun))

"kur....kur kyu" *sits and starts playing with feetz* *pulls foot off "KUR" *O_O puts back on* "kurrrr" *summons pop star* "kyuuuu" *flies off*

RE: The Mario Mayhem RP Place! - Black Dragon - 08-01-2009 01:27 PM

o_O I thought no one was in the castle though...Man Shia spent all that time waiting for nothing xD.

I slowly walk into the castle doors and notice all the havoc going on. Most importantly, I notice Peach there. I look around, but she's the only member of the royal family here.
"...D*mn, did that idiot Bowser take Mario? He and Peach are the only ones left..."
I walk over to Justin and whisper in his ear in a sort of aggrivated tone.
"Make sure Peach is properly looked after. If Bowser gets his hands on her it'll be a PROBLEM. We'll spend a night here to rest, but in the morning we need to head out to Bowser's castle. That way I'll get with Mario and Peach, and you'll get your little book back. Unless you've got a better plan, that's what we're doing."
As the injured start to crawl up, I storm out of the castle. I kick a Koopa shell on my way out.
"I'll be outside resting. Tell me when you're ready, or if something happens."
Again I say something to myself quietly.
"Can't believe it...they were right under my nose all this time...d*mn it..."