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In The Apocalypse - Blaziken - 07-29-2009 12:58 PM

There will be these. Prepare for your new home.

Some people think that in the Zombie Apocalypse. They think that they will just grab an M-16, beef jerky, a 12 pack of beer and hit the road to Alaska. Those people are in the most danger. But those in the Colony ™ will prevail. Use teamwork. If someone is fearless. Have them look for supplies. Someone that is speedy and sharp minded? Put them on scout duty. Someone that is Hilarious and entertaining? Have them keep your team's hopes up! There are many talents in the apocalypse. Then there's the leader. You. That makes the decisions for the group. Will you investigate that warehouse over there? Will you loot what's left of that store over there? Will you salvage that car over there? Everyone relies on the leader. Like what they say.
"Better accuracy than power. When there's accuracy, you are able to direct your power." You are that accuracy, they are the power.