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I DID IT!!! - Blaziken - 07-16-2009 07:12 AM

You know that little guy, 'bout three feet tall, always tells you that the Princess in another castle? Well, I drew him, and a pretty detailed one too! I sketched him! Took me about 3 minutes. He looks like this
[Image: toad108zr5.jpg]
But way smaller, I can't draw big!

RE: I DID IT!!! - Nivlac - 07-16-2009 09:36 AM

Wait... what? We haven't got anywhere yet -.- .
Try saving the picture and attaching it.

RE: I DID IT!!! - Blaziken - 07-16-2009 12:21 PM



Wait.... That's not Toad!

RE: I DID IT!!! - KoopaKrazy85 - 07-21-2009 04:48 PM



RE: I DID IT!!! - Timby - 07-21-2009 10:44 PM

(07-21-2009 04:48 PM)KoopaKrazy85 Wrote:  ...


At least i'm not the only one that is lost!

RE: I DID IT!!! - Nivlac - 07-22-2009 09:15 AM

Ok it looks like its up now...

Can you give us the pic you drew instead of the pic of the character you drew? You could've just said Toad anyway lol.

RE: I DID IT!!! - Blaziken - 07-22-2009 09:43 AM

I unfortunatly can't. I don't use computer programs, I use paper and pencil. And I don't have anything where I can upload it up to here.

RE: I DID IT!!! - Nivlac - 07-22-2009 10:34 AM

Take a photo of it? That's all I can think of if you don't have a scanner...

RE: I DID IT!!! - Gokuakyou - 07-23-2009 04:26 AM

I had a scanner , but some robbers entered my house and magically it was gone when I woke up >.>

RE: I DID IT!!! - Blaziken - 07-23-2009 11:19 AM

Sheys: Rysip guard the door.
Rysip: Ok. *Points Rocket Launcher at civilian* DON'T EVEN TRY.