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Allthough succeeded by Mario kart double dash this waz the first ever mario raceing game!Iloved that game.It is on my top10 mario game list.Anyone else have any opinions on this game???
Ah, the good old days ^_^ Mario Kart 64 was one of the best Mario games created in terms of graphics and sound effects. Although Mario Party and Mario 64 were even...

I loved the excitement of being able to race as your favorite Mario characters. They included all the mains so none of the players felt left out because their favorite character wasn't there...

Mario Kart is one of those games with absolutely no storyline what-so-ever but it is still a brilliant game. It is still one of my favorite Mario games, even to this day.
I like double dash better. Tongue
Eh, that's your opinion.. But this isn't the favorite mario kart thread nub! -.- Tongue
Lol, I did find Mario Kart 64 more difficult than Mario Kart: Double Dash.
This isn't double dash thread -.- I don't find Mario Kart 64 difficult at all.. Except for on the bowser level Tongue
Dangnabbit, If I relate Double Dash to Mario Kart 64 then I can't put it in any thread according to you. Run
Dangnabbit is what old people say Tongue Anywho there is a thread for which is the best mario kart game. If you want to compare Double Dash to Mario Kart 64 then you should debate it in that thread. This thread, however, if for Mario Kart 64 only.
Alright, I loved cheating on rainbow road in MK64, you could jump off of the huge slope at the beggining of the course to the left, and with luck, you could land on a further section of the race course. Tongue
i still have this game and i know all the glitch shortcuts like in rainbow road
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