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Full Version: Best Mario Party Minigame
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What's your most favourite Mario party minigame? It can be from mario party 1 to 8, and include the (bad) GBA and DS Versions.

Mine's "Bowser face lift" from MP1. I don't own the game though, hope it comes out on virtual console!
mine is on mario party 3 and it is called "eat za pizza"
Argh, too many to choose from! I'd have to say I liked "Running of the Bulb"; "Bowser Face Lift", that one in MP1 where you use a jackhammer to trace a cut out, and the MP8 game where you shake cans of soda.
Oh yea I also like "fish upon a star" on MP5
mine would be "eat ze pizza" from mario party 3, the one where you have to run over people with snowballs in mp3(forgot what its called Tongue), and if it counts, moped mayhem from mario party 8(the blooper on his tiny moped it just too funny XD, not to mention its addictive trying to figure out how whomps and thwomps ride those things...along with all the other things without arms lol)
'Star rod battle with bowser' Mario party 8
'At the chain wash.' Mario Party 8
'Kamek's battle' Mario party DS
'Get utta my way' mario party advance
I just realised that i put this in the Nintendo 64 thread! Oh well. at least 3 of the mario party games are on 64!
Some that I can think of off teh top of my head :

Toad in the Box (MP2)
Cut from the Team (MP8)
Fun Run (MP7)

lolz MP3 xD
I like the pizza one i played it with my friend
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