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All things about SM64 here!

Chat my minions! CHAT!

Ill start: What was the worst death you had in SM64?
Oh jeez, it's been so long since I've played that(our N64 died ;; ). Hmm, I think it was like the first time I played it, I didn't know what the fudge I was doing, so I kept running into Goombas and such. It was so fail lol. And don't even get me started on the block puzzle thing in Shifting Sand Land; there were so many epic fail deaths there that I could probably make a montage xD.
Probably anytime I slid off the steep side of a tower or structure and fell to my ultimate demise. :S

the first time I did the Princess's secret slide? Oh no.....
I have no idea what my worst death was - too many...
I'll just say that the course that I had the most deaths on was Shifting Sand Land and most of the deaths was due to falling in the quicksand too much. I fail at desert courses.Tongue
I really hated deaths due to camera problems -_- they sucked a lot
I remember dieing a lot. When i first got it, i way too much. My mom had to help me get a few stars since i died a lot, but after 2-3 hours, i finally got my first star without dieing. But then it was the next star... D:
Getting 7/8 red coins on the invisibility switch course then falling to my doom. Worst death evar. x_x
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