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Full Version: Yahoo on a non-existent forum?
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On Who's Online, it said that Yahoo was "Viewing Forum NintendoPedia". When I go to it, it says "invalid forum". What's up with that??
Probably a thread that was deleted in the past.
It was a forum. How can Yahoo have been viewing it if it was deleted?
That!..........I don't know.
Oh how bots confuse me.
Not sure how Yahoo found it, there must be been some links pointing there or something, however that section of the forums has been closed for some time now so I'm not sure why it's still crawling it anyway.

Crazy search engines!
Hot d-mn! That section must be ancient, because I've never heard of it xD. Surprising that Yahoo's still searching there.
The forum is probably still in Yahoo!'s (technically it always has an exclamation point at the end) cache, and somehow spider bots can access everything that is or was on the domain.
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