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My favorite game!Big Grin I think the story was good, but the game play was great, especially boss fights, they were cool...but, I digress, what do you guys think of Paper Mario?
This is number 7 on my favorite mario games!!!
I loved Paper Mario! It had a brilliant storyline. I finished it in two days but it was still great fun Tongue From memory I don't think I collected and unlocked everything.. I'll have to go back and do that some day... Anywho, Personally I dislike the battles. I don't like turn-based battles as much as free battles like on Zelda.

That is why I am such a big Zelda fan. Although I enjoy Mario none the less.
I only enjoy Paper Mario as a turned based game because it combines platformer elements, and interactive parts, (tapping "a" to get a better attack, holding the joystick back to swing the hammer, etc.). I do enjoy the zelda games, but I can't beat the NES ones, (I have Majora's mask and the ocarina of time on that gamecube collectors disc. Along with the original NES games, and Twilit Princess, [the fishing hole on that game has AMAZING graphics]).
O_o the Nes ones were the hardest to beat but I managed... There is only one that I never finished even though I own it, Zelda II: The adventures of link... It is horrible! My favorite zelda of all time is Majora's Mask, though. I still need to finish twi-light... I never bought it :O
Majora's Mask is probably the best game, (game-play-wise), but the ending inside of the moon was a little weird...
Yes I agree but you've got to admit, the final boss was fun! I loved playing as fierce deity!!
It was fun, but it posed a greater challenge to fight the final boss without the fierce deity mask. (Fun fact: the Fierce Deity mask is said to transform link into "Oni Link" in the Japanese version, an Oni is a mythical Japanese creature, similar to a demon.)
OMG!! I <333 this game
so creative my favorite partner was Kooper!!!
I'd say my favorite partner was Admiral Bobbery or Goombario.
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