Super Mario Compact Disco

Super Mario Compact Disco is an album released in Japan on August 1, 1993. It contains songs based on the Mario video game series, performed by the Ambassadors of Funk.

Super Mario Compact Disco


The songs "Super Mario Land" (which reached number 8 on the United Kingdom's music charts the previous November), "Mario & Yoshi", "Super Mario World", "Super Mario Kart", "Super Mario USA", and "Six Golden Coins" are all profiling the Mario games from which they get their titles, as well as the music that plays within them. The same goes for "King of the Koopas", which is based entirely off of Super Mario Bros. 3 rather than a song profiling Bowser. However, the lyrics to "Super Mario USA" don't seem to have anything to do with the game the song is based on.

The seven "Radio Compact Disco" tracks that come up in-between the songs are more or less radio-style bumpers, as if the CD were a sample of a radio station. The speaker goes by the name MC Mario, and apparently claims to be Mario himself.

The song lyrics make several errors in relation to the games, such as:

  • Immediately following "Super Mario World", MC Mario comments that "Super Mario World's the biggest place[, but] at least I rescued Daisy." Daisy, however, is not actually in Super Mario World ; it is Princess Peach who is rescued in the game.
  • In "Save Me (With Your Charm)", the singer (who claims to be Princess Daisy) mentions that Mario must rescue her "from the Koopa Troopa / Donkey Kong, Kinopio, yo / Hammer Bros." Daisy has never actually been captured by Bowser or DK. Kinopio is, in fact, Toad's Japanese name (why he would be listed as a bad guy is a mystery).
  • In the fifth Radio Compact Disco track, MC Mario claims that Daisy is his "number-one girl", while the only mention of Peach occurs briefly in "Super Mario USA".
  • "Six Golden Coins" describes the plot of Super Mario Land 2 that Wario has "got the princess bound up as captive." But neither Peach nor Daisy have any involvement in Super Mario Land 2 .


Super Mario Land video

"Super Mario Land" was released as a single on March 21st, 1993. The single contained remixes of the song. The songs are a "Radio Version", a "Club House Mix", an "Instrumental Mix", and "Daisy's Mix". It was also released in the UK in 1992, but "Daisy's Mix" was called a "Breakdown".

"Go, Mario, Go!" was also released as a single on July 1st, 1993. The single also contains variants of the song, which are a "Radio Version", an "X-tended Club Mix", an "Egyptian Rave Mix", an "Instrumental Mix", and a "Bowsapella Mix".

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