Ghosts 'R' Us

Mario Mayhem presents the Mario Cartoon Ghosts 'R' Us for you to watch online and enjoy!

  • Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.
  • Cartoon Characters: Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Hip, Hop Koopa.
  • Directed By John Grusd.
  • Produced By John Grusd. 
  • Written By Perry Martin.
  • Originally Released on October 05, 1991.
  • Originally Aired on NBC

Cartoon plot: Yoshi, The Princess and the Marios are looking for a little caveman named Oogtar who has been lost in a very haunted woods, but they met Weizenheimer an evil Magikoopa. Yoshi runs away all by himself until he finds Mario, Luigi and the Princess and Oogtar but he thinks he was very scared of ghosts so can Mario and Co. escape?


Ghosts ‘R’ Us Information

    * Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.

    * Cartoon Characters: Mario (Walker Boone), Luigi (Tony Rosato), Princess Toadstool (Tracey Moore), Yoshi (Andrew Sabiston), Oogtar the Caveboy & Wizardheimer (John Stocker)

    * Directed By John Grusd.

    * Produced By John Grusd.

    * Written By Perry Martin.

    * Originally Released on October 5, 1991

    * Originally Aired on NBC

Super Mario World Episode 4: Ghost “R” Us Overview

The fourth episode of Super Mario World, “Ghost “R” Us” aired on October 5, 1991 in the US on NBC. The story starts off with Princess Toadstool calling for Oogtar the Caveboy, who is an unknown character up until now. Princess Toadstool, along with Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, are searching for Oogtar. In the process, they end up running into the most dangerous Koopa wizard of them all, Wizardheimer.

Yoshi gets frightened and runs away. Wizardheimer forces the remaining friends into a warp pipe which leads to a haunted house. Meanwhile, Yoshi is left in Enchanted Forest. He soon gets startled by a cave boy who turns out to be Oogtar. However, Yoshi doesn’t know this at this point. Oogtar tries to catch Yoshi but gets caught by Piranha Plants in the process. Yoshi hears Oogtar cry and saves him. 

Oogtar thinks Yoshi is cool and wants to befriend him. Yoshi explains to him what has happened as a result of trying to search for him and Oogtar vows to help Yoshi save Mario and the others. A little while later, Yoshi and Oogtar are being chased by caterpillars. Yoshi finds a magic block which gives him wings and eats the caterpillars. With the wings, Yoshi quickly finds the warp pipe that leads to where Mario and the others are.

Oogtar and Yoshi arrive at the haunted house, however, Yoshi doesn’t want to go in because he is scared. Oogtar does and quickly gets captured. It is now fully up to Yoshi to rescue his friends.

The story was written by Perry Martin. The featured song of this episode was “There’s a Wizard, Here Tonight”. This episode actually aired in Australia and the UK as the fifth episode of Super Mario World instead of the fourth due to mishap in production order.

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