Fire Sale

Mario Mayhem presents the Mario Fire Sale Cartoon for you to watch online and enjoy!

  • Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.
  • Cartoon Characters: Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Hip, Hop Koopa.
  • Directed By John Grusd.
  • Produced By John Grusd. 
  • Written By Brooks Wachtel.
  • Originally Released on September 14, 1991
  • Originally Aired on NBC

Cartoon plot: Kootie Pie Koopa and a Koopa Troopa landed in Ice Land and have stolen a Mama Fireplant belonging to the Cave People of Dome City. Will Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Yoshi find it before Kootie starts to brag?

Super Mario World Episode 1: Fire Sale Overview

The first episode of Super Mario World, known as "Fire Sale" first aired on Saturday, September 14th in 1991. It started off with Wendy "Kootie Pie" Koopa, voiced as Paulina Gillis, complaining to her follower, Koopa Troopa, that she was too cold in her ice palace. After a while, she comes up with the idea to go to dome city and kidnap Mama Fireplant, voiced by Catherine Gallant, and use her to heat up her ice palace.

While this is taking place, Mario, voiced by Walker Boone, Luigi, voiced by Tony Rosato, and Princess Toadstool or Peach, voiced by Tracey Moore, are having a barbecue. To keep Yoshi from eating all the food, they send him to get some fireballs from Mama Fireplant so that they can barbecue more food. On his way to Dome city where Mama Fireplant is, Yoshi hears a scream for help coming from Mama Fireplant.

Although he is afraid of water, Yoshi decides to cross the bridge to get to where Mama Fireplant is but falls into like 2cm of water. He manages to make it to where Mama Fireplant lives though and discovers that she is not there. He calls for assistance of his friends, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool, they find some ice, which must have come from ice land, and a warp tunnel which conveniently leads to ice land, and they come to the conclusion that Mama Fireplant was kidnapped. Down the warp pipe they go and this is what starts their adventure of rescuing Mama Fireplant and stopping Kootie Pie's other plan of selling Mama Fireplants fire balls, which explains the reason behind this episodes title, Fire Sale.

Down in the ice kingdom, most of the crew gets stung by porkie pine fish before reaching their goal and poor old Yoshi is left to his own devises. After overcoming some more Water and taking a bit of Kootie pie’s trash talk, Kootie Pie herself steps on a fish and gets frozen in place. Yoshi takes his advantage and recues Mama Fireplant, who in turn collects the frozen Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool!

They then return to Dome city where it turns out Mama Fireplant has a bit of a crush on Yoshi and the team then enjoys their much earned BBQ. The day is saved.

The end scene is quite classic though, with Kootie Pie trapped in an ice block whilst her Koopa Troopa friend reads a magazine titled “Crime” with king Bowser on the front cover.

This story was written by Brooks Wachtel and animation done by Pacific Rim Productions, Inc. This episode aired on NBC before Captain N which was in the same thirty minute time block as Super Mario World.

So all in all this was quite an entertaining start to the Super Mario World cartoon series and well worth a view! If you are interested in seeing the entire catalogue of Super Mario World cartoons be sure to check out the link below where you can get yourself the DVDs and do some binging!

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