Tetris and Dr. Mario Game Genie Codes

Since the dawn of mankind we have had to fight two major enemies: germs and blocks. From our earliest days bacteria have spread ramped, urged on by different shaped blocks. But there is a secret, the ancient Egyptians knew it, the Romans knew it and even this bird sitting on my head in an old photo of me knew it: there is a way to utilize these blocks and germs in a way that can help out the smallest of animals to the largest of humans. And today, you too will learn that secret. Join us as we combine the most useful utility in the world with a classic SNES game, join us as we play Tetris and Dr. Mario with the help of the game genie. Join us in secret codes, join us in gaming, and most importantly join us in victory!

Hello friends it’s Tim here again from Super Mayhem, awooo, and boy howdy do we have some game hacking action for you today!

So in this small addition to our game genie hijinx series we are going to take a look at that devilish combo of a SNES game that is Tetris and Dr. Mario! And surprise surprise there isn’t a heap of codes for this game, but the ones that do exist are quite fun!

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It makes sense to break up the games into two sections, so first off we will be taking a look at the Tetris side of the game!

Up first we have the game genie code that inspired this video and that is the two line code CBB0-C460 + D1B0-C4A0 which will give you only line pieces! Take that Tetris, you have just been owned, line style! Naturally this makes the entire game a breeze as you can just stack up them lines without any problem and get that epilepsy inducing flash with a 4 line Tetris combo without too many hassles. I mean, you still have to do some kind of lining up, but really if you want to cheat at Tetris, this is the code to use.

For this next code it may appear the same as the previous code. However I think I just got super lucky, repeatedly! With the 3 line code CBB7-C460 + D4B7-C4A0 + DDB7-C7D0 the Same piece always drops! I don’t know why I kept getting line pieces as the first piece, seriously, I tried 3 times and even changed levels and still the first piece I got was always a line meaning that same piece kept dropping. So even though this may look the same as the previous code, it isn’t! Still, can’t complain with those sweet lines!

If you think you are a pro at Tetris, then please do try the cheat code DFB4-1405 with this bad boy in place after you beat the first level by getting 10 lines, each line you get there after increases the level of the game! This makes things get interesting pretty fast, especially if you are a noob at Tetris like me! With my master skills I managed to get to level 16 with only 25 lines made. See if you can beat that!

The opposite of the previous code is 6DB4-1F65 which makes it so your level never progresses! This kind of makes for a slow game but as they say “slow and steady wins the race”! It’s also good for beginner players like me who don’t like a challenge, even if they throw crappy bricks at me. I just want that sweet Tetris, baby!

If you like your game fast then the 3 line code CBB2-3DA9 + DCB2-3FD9 + 3CB2-3F09 is definitely for you! This isn’t the maximum speed, but it is fast enough to screw me up after getting to 13 lines, which isn’t really saying much considering my skill level. Still, if you want to confuse your friends or siblings and put them into level 0 with a fast set of tiles being thrown at them, you might get a laugh, Tetris style.

Like the first code we covered there are a number of different Tetris game genie codes that will ensure you only receive a certain block! Like the 2 line code CBB0-C460 + DFB0-C4A0 will make it so only J pieces drop. I’ll include the other codes on the screen for you to experiment with as it’s not so fun to just watch Square pieces drop with a 2 line code!

Always get L Piece


Always get S Piece


Always get Square Piece


Always get T Piece


Always get Z Piece


If you use the code D78E-34DD you will actually have a hidden 4th option on the main menu screen of Tetris! Just keep pushing down and your cursor will appear below the VS mode and you can now check out some behind the scenes things of Tetris!

You can also access this extra options option for Tetris and also a debug screen by using the 2 line code D78E-34DD + C2CF-CFAF I really have no idea what this stuff does but if you want to mess around with the variables then I say go nuts!

And the final Tetris code we will look at is FEA2-3465 when this is enabled on the level select screen you can move your cursor past level 9 to start on any playable level of Tetris! This means you can jump straight to level 30 if your heart desires it! I’m not sure why you would want to as I could hardly see what block was coming where but it’s a great option to have for those more experienced Tetris players! Have fun with this one!

Now we head onto the quick Dr. Mario segment of our show and we will start with the 3 line code CBC9-4466 + DCC9-44A6 + 3CC9-47D6 which gave me some interesting results! The code claims that the same piece will always drop until you hit the change button! Well, for me, all this code did was give me blue pills! Mind you up the top right it would show Mario dropping a variety of different coloured pills but when place the pill would just turn to all blue. This would be a sweet cheat except you obviously need other colours in order to progress through the game! Anyway, give this one a try and see what happens for you!

If you want an extra challenge in Dr. Mario then again a 3 line code that is CBC2-3DA9 + DCB2-3FD9 + 3CB2-3F09 may be the one for you! With this in play the game’s speed is always set to high even if you are just on the first level and set the speed to medium! This just adds a bit of an extra challenge to the game so this is probably one for the pros or just the earlier levels!

Using the one line code D784-C76F for Dr Mario you will be able to access a hidden options menu that you can’t usually see! This time there will be a fourth setting on the title screen of the game that you can get to by just pressing down past the VS game. From here you can check out all kinds of things like controller settings, sound debug, and even the competition of the computer! It’s a bit like the Tetris version of the options menu but it’s still pretty cool!

And now it’s time to take a look at what is probably the best known game genie code for Dr Mario! And it will also be the last cheat we will take a look at! The two line code CBC0-37A6 + 6DC0-3DA6 let’s you drop any capsule/pill anywhere you want on the screen or on any virus and you will automatically beat that level! This is like the ultimate cheat to Dr. Mario but it kind of removes any point to the game as you can just about leave the game on auto and just push start to move onto the next level, but still it’s pretty amazing!

Anyway that’s it for today my friends! I really hope you enjoyed hacking Tetris and Dr. Mario on the SNES with me! If you did then be sure to smash a big fat like on this bad boy, share it around with your friends, make a comment maybe about what the best hack for these games would be and of course subscribe with notifications on! Also, if you really like the Mayhem and what I do, then why not check out our join button or our Patreon page below, all support goes towards making more and better videos! Anyway that’s it from me and I’ll catch you soon!

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