Super Mario Bros 3 Game Genie Codes

Hello friends and welcome to another quick video! Today we are delving back into the shady world of game modification as we explore some crazy game Genie codes and do our best to break Super Mario Brothers 3 in the process! Some of you might be familiar with the standard codes for the game such as the classic "Skywalker" *use the force Luke* the token Mega Power Jump and even abilities like starting and staying as Hammer Bro Mario despite any damage you take. Much like our last video Hacking Super Mario Bros 1 though, today we are taking a look at non standard codes that have been found by people over the years to do all kinds of crazy stuff.

So sit back, don’t trust seductive game modification addons and Letsa Go as we explore 8 crazy Super Mario Bros 3 hacks.

Number 8

I thought we’d start off with one of the better known of the underground game Genie codes. If you enter KKKZSPIU as your cheat you will have access to the debug mode of the game. This is pretty awesome as in the intro screen you can select which world you would like to start on by going up and down on the directional pad and you can even give yourself 5 lives each time you hit the A button. You can see this taking effect by the graphical change in the logo. The hack gets even better though as when you are on the map screen you will have a copy of each item in your inventory as well as 2 rows of P-Wings. When you are in a level you can even cycle through the different power ups by hitting select! You can even use a slightly glitched Goomba’s shoe at any time by holding B and then hitting select. If there is a God mode for Super Mario bros 3, this is it!

Number 7

Another well known code is AOSUZI this awesome little hack allows you to pull ice blocks out of thin air and fire them in a frenzy. It’s ridiculously fun somehow and if you try any of these codes yourself I highly recommend this one. Much like the hack in Super Mario Bros 1 that removes blocks when you jump in the right spot, this hack also removes background scenery and even lets you dismantle the level. It can get a bit glitchy and is known to crash the game but it’s certainly fun!

Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Genie Codes

Number 6

Ever wanted to take a quick dip in world 1-1? With the code ISZXYN you can swim through levels that don’t have a black background! You can no longer jump slash land on enemies heads to kill them and Piranha plants shoot from inside their pots to make things a bit more chaotic too. You can have a bit of fun at the end of levels too as the swimming ability cuts off with the black but it still seems possible to swim inside the black mountains in the background. This code also does a bit of weirdness to the music on the map screen with bits and pieces of other music cutting in making the whole thing sound weird but kind of funky too.

Number 5

If you enter SNEZTIAE as your game Genie code power ups are removed from blocks that would normally contain them! The shrooms, leafs and other powerups are replaced with seemingly random objects and enemies! Supposedly the object that comes out of the block is somehow based on the position of the screen at the time you strike it. This obviously makes the game super tough as you won’t be able to power up and you never really know what will happen when you hit a block! This code is a little bit dicey and more often than not ends with the game freezing and this crazy mangled screen.

Super Mario Bros. 3 classic Mario art

Number 4

If you enter the code PETZZA the result is this weird Night Time styled game play. You will have noticed the lovely ear piercing garbled sounds and overall eeriness but other than this the game play seems just about unchanged. Although it does break the game when you pass the level or die though, but it’s probably just as well though as this night setting and music sends you into a bit of a weird trance after a while. The Darkness…she scares me.

Number 3

Not the most practical hack here at Number 3 but it’s quite amusing none the less. If you enter the code SXTZPO the game seems just about vanilla, that is until you get yourself a super leaf! Once you attack with Racoon Mario you start Ice Skating around the level until you get hit or fall in a pit. It seems like the sprite gets stuck backwards and animations stop playing but I’m not really sure what exactly is breaking here as the controls are slippery as. The P meter stops working too but there isn’t much else to this hack, but ice skating in Super Mario bros 3 is pretty cool I guess, even if the game gets stuck when you die.

Super Mario Bros. 3 classic Larry Koopa art

Number 2

The code YEUXKGAA is truly bizarre. For a start it transforms the Mario sprite on the map screen into a cloud, but the weirdness only begins here. Once in a level Mario’s sprite is replaced with what appears to be some kind of broken black and white piranha plant or something. You can also swim through the levels, but unlike the code at number 6 the level itself isn’t underwater. This code actually seems to grant Mario some strange power up as once you are hit or get a super leaf with this code you revert back to Mario’s regular form and the game seems to go on as usual.

Number 1

It seemed fitting to leave you with the most brutal of the Super Mario Bros 3 hacks I tested out! Entering GOYUTV will be enough to have you throwing your NES out the window! This code spawns munchers all around Mario as you are playing the level. Standalone this code makes the game impossible but if you add in the debug code as well and give yourself a star, well it’s still impossible but it’s pretty fun. Taking a closer look at where these muncher’s are spawning it looks as if the Koopalings wand sprites are somehow garbled in here too.

Anyway that’s it for today friends! I hope you enjoyed these 8 different Super Mario Bros 3. Hacks, maybe it inspires you to dust off your NES and break some games too! Anyway don’t forget to like and share this video with your friends and we will see you soon!

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