Super Mario Bros 2 Game Genie Codes

Hello friends and welcome to another quick video! Today we are entering the seedy underworld of game hacking once more as we take a look at Super Mario Bros 2 and the Game Genie. Instead of smashing some of the stock standard codes from the Game Genie book though, we will just be delving straight into some crazy fan discovered codes that do all kinds of whacky things. So sit back, hold onto your turnips and Letsa go!

EKIEPS – Music Remix

Alright well let’s ease into to it here. If you enter the code EKIEPS the game play doesn’t seem to be affected but the music sure is. There appears to be some random sound effects mixed in with the usual tunes. The result? It isn’t half bad, and even provides the techno backdrop for Toad to bust some dance moves.

The character select screen also features a pumping remix that is almost disco worthy aswell!

Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Genie Codes

AOXEKYEY – Walk Through Walls

Ever wanted to walk through walls? The code AOXEKYEY allows you to do just that. At first glance all seems innocent, but once you get to inside areas you are able to scoot on through walls that you ordinarily couldn’t. This definitely makes the Birdo short cut a lot easier as unless you try and get fancy like I did you won’t have to deal with bombs. Apart from not being able to get through the Hawks head, this is also handy for the Birdo fight as you can hide in walls if you need to and even get that annoying heart that seems to not be collectable without this cheat.

This code gets pretty frustrating when you are trying to outrun Phanto though as you can no longer rely on the walls of the pot to give you the moral and physical support you so sorely need.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Phantpwned

AOEAGIAL – No Gravity for Items/Enemies

This one is good fun. The code AOEAGIAL changes the trajectory of thrown enemies and items! It’s a little hard to describe, but essentially in whatever direction you throw something, it stays thrown, gravity is no more. Even coins fly off in the subspace! This makes hitting enemies a little tougher but it also has some other hilarious side effects.

When you throw a Pow it sends Shy Guys heading for the heavens and in particular this cheat seems to impact enemies when they jump. Baddies like Tweeters for example will just take off before you even get close to them!

Birdo didn’t really know how to react either and decided to just leave the party early and jet off too. I missed the crystal ball the first time this happened as it doesn’t just sit there waiting for you. Oh no, this thing is on a NASA mission too so you had better be aligned in just the right spot or else you are going back down the bean stalk again for round 2.

This lack of gravity becomes a real nightmare in world 1-2 which is where I got stuck, as you need to bomb your way through the path, which, without gravity for items becomes a real pain. Just stay there, damn it, no too fast, gahhh

AKNOTSLP – Snifits spit 1 ups

Man those snifits are annoying as. If only there was some way to make them less threatening. Need some extra lives but have trouble with the slot machine? Maybe this code can help you out. Instead of spitting their usual balls of doom, snifits will now spit out 1-up Mushrooms! Not only does this make them 86% less threatening, it’s also fun to sit around for a while and let the 1-ups pile up before going to town.

"Hard Rock Miner" – Dig up bombs and blow things up

If you have ever wanted to destroy a level in Super Mario Bros 2 by digging holes and throwing bombs then this monstrosity of a code is perfect for you. Not only will you pull up bombs from the grass but you can also pull up bombs from just about anything!

With this code you can dig your own pits for enemies to fall in and even blow away scenery with the magical game genie added bombs.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Large Tweeter

Dig Up Mushroom Blocks Anywhere

There is also a 2 line code that has similar effects, except that instead of bombs you dig up Mushroom blocks. This get’s pretty glitchy though as once you throw a block it can get stuck in weird locations. It seems like once the Mushroom block is dropped it reverts back to whatever you actually picked up, whether that be a piece of dirt, a platform or a random piece of the background.

Oh and in case you were wondering, If you dig too far with either of these codes you end up biting the dust. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Enemies Chase You

If you enter this 2 line game genie code you can make the enemies in the game start following you around. This provides some pretty great results as enemies will sometimes collide with each other and actually kill each other. If you throw a turnip or something enemies will die normally, but if they kill each other then they take a leaf out of the no gravity code’s book and buy the first ticket they can get to "off the screensville".

The whole thing is too much for Birdo again too who decides to do the heavy lifting for you. At least this time the crystal ball hangs around though.

I couldn’t get past level 1-2 because pidgit decides to sacrifice himself to save Wart the moment you come on screen, but I could see if you paired this with one of our next codes you could probably continue on with the game. This cheat does actually make for a good increase to the difficulty, as you have to constantly avoid these intense homing enemies. It is pretty fun piling them up and then letting them all take each other out too!

Climb Invisible Vines - ELUENLEY

Tired of the lack of climbable vines in Super Mario Bros 2? Maybe you are sick of being able to go through doors? Collecting cherries got you down? The game genie code known as Sky Climber is probably going to be a winner for you then.

With this code in place you can climb up and down invisible vines anywhere in the game. This can be extremely helpful for cruising through the level, but it’s also super easy to slip off the invisible vines if you get too confident.

Because you can’t press up to enter doors you have to line yourself up with the door and then climb your invisible vine out of the screen. Hopefully you will end up in the right area but because this works anywhere you can find yourself appearing in random places throughout the game.

This code was pretty good fun until I got greedy and ended up stuck in world 1-2 after trying to escape Birdo!

ANNEEGEY – Everyone has infinite float

This last code ANNEEGEY was probably my favourite of the bunch I tried out. So much so in fact that before I knew it I had passed the entire game. With this cheat in play any character you like can float for as long as you like by holding A.

This is pretty amusing as you get to watch Toad fly around and get stuck in the throwing animation if you turf something. It also makes the game sooo much easier! Hovering over birdo’s, flying over big chunks of the game, enjoying the obscure scenery, what is usually quite a hectic adventure becomes almost relaxing and certainly more comical.

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