Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes

Hello friends and welcome to another quick video! Today we are going back to where it all started with the Original Super Mario Bros on the NES! I’m sick of playing the game normally though, so let’s check out the Game Genie and see what kind of Mischief we can get up to on the first level of the game.

Those of you familiar with the original Game Genie manual may well be aware of the standard codes to make Mario Mega Jump, change the games gravity or even keep your big stature regardless of whatever Goomba’s could throw at you! Aside from the codes published in the original manual, over the years game enthusiasts have found their own codes and hacks for the game that range from minor tweaks to making the classic down right unplayable.

Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes

So sit back, grab you Goomba stomping boots and join me if you will as we break the first world of Super Mario Bros with some of these lesser known Game Genie Codes!

Number 6: EKGAIS – CRAZY Cartoon colors

Easing into the world of breaking Super Mario bros, Entering in the code EKGAIS in your game genie gives the first world some crazy colours. There is actually a certain charm to this code and the colour palette kind of reminds me of playing Game Boy games with the SNES converter. Apart from the background and enemy colour changes the game play of the first level is still the same as far as I could tell but it’s still a neat little code if you are tired of the old back drop!

Number 5: TXNUXI - shakes world, 1 ups appear out of blocks

The code TXNUXI is a little harder to describe but it’s definitely 1 up city. The screen shakes a lot when you hit blocks and some of them you can even hit repeatedly. 1 ups appear out of blocks at random and replace all power ups but other than that it seems to pretty vanilla game play!

Number 4: EPOISS - Removes blocks when you hit the top left of them. Can't finish first level because flag pole disappears

The code EPOISS makes for a very entertaining first level. Whenever you hit the top left of any block or sprite it then disappears! This is actually quite addictive as it’s fun to try and wipe out blocks but it does make certain jumps a little troubling to work out. It also makes it impossible to complete the first level as when you jump into the flag know. You get Stuck.

Number 3: PIGPOG - Spawns random enemies and shit, ended up freezing

You know a code is gonna be trouble when Mario is already attacked on the start screen! If you enter PIGPOG (“Heh”) as your Game Genie code you get some pretty intense results. Goombas seem to be replaced with Koopa troopa’s, there are random lifts and also the occasional firestick! This code seems to work a little bit different each time and only effects some levels but it does make for an interesting change to level 1-1.

Number 2: XYAGEO - all enemies throw hammers, Goombas walk through pipes, one Goomba upside down even

Ever been attacked by a Goomba throwing hammers? Welcome to the crazy code XYAGEO! One of the better known of the underground Game Genie Hacks this code gives all enemies Bowser’s hammer throwing abilities! It get’s a bit glitchy with Goomba’s going through pipes and enemies generally kind of homing in on you. As if things weren’t hectic enough either, then they go and do this to me. How the hell are you supposed to destroy an upside down, hovering, hammer throwing Goomba?

Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes Bowser Heads

Number 1: ZVGEIE - enemies are headless Bowsers, graphics and screen scrolling is fudged

Ahhhh my brainnnn, burn it with fire. The code ZVGEIE does exactly what we set out to do and totally breaks the first level. And gives me a headache. This code replaces all enemies with decapitated Bowser’s, throws out the graphics and makes the screen jump around like crazy. It becomes almost unplayable unless you really know the level layout, but even then when you are stuck between two headless bowsers there isn’t much you can really do.

Anyway that’s it for today friends, I hope you enjoyed these 6 crazy game genie hacks for Super Mario Bros. Now if you will excuse me, I’m out of here!

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