Super Mario All Stars Game Genie Codes

Hello friends it’s Tim here again from Super Mayhem, awoooo, and boy howdy, do we have some game hacking action for you today!

With the release of the new Super Mario All Stars 3D I thought it might be fitting to go back to the 14 July 1993 original and see what kind of Game Genie Codes we can find to mess around with these classic remakes of the NES games! And lucky for us there are a ton of awesome cheat codes for the game!

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Super Mario Bros 1.

It makes sense to tackle these games one by one and only choosing the best codes, or else we will be here forever! So the following cheats are for  the first Super Mario Bros game!

Starting with one of my favourites, if you enter DD8E-D702 as your game genie code you will get what’s called the Ultimate Multi Jump code! This allows you to keep hitting the jump button to essentially fly through the levels! This kind of cheat has always been a winner.

Next up I thought we would try another fun cheat, entering 5DCE-07A3 into your game genie, you enable what’s known as “easy pipes” and as the name suggests it makes pipes easier to navigate. Pipes you can’t go down appear upside down and pipes you can appear as regular pipes. Pretty neat hey!

The three line cheat code 9EBE-64DE + D5BE-640E + D5BE-6F6E is also pretty interesting! When you die you somehow magically get warped world 8-1! Take that Bowser, I can almost get to you by way of goomba sacrifice! Or something…

If for some reason you think the backgrounds and stuff need to be censored on Super Mario Bros 1 then the code EE6C-DD02 is just perfect for you! When you use this cheat background images like pipes, castles and even bullet o bills will become pixelized almost like Atari graphics! It makes the game a bit harder though as you are never quite sure what you are jumping into. Give it a shot!

The code 892B-6FDE is quite cool! Whenever you hit an enemy you actually get powered up instead of dying! I believe there is a similar code for the original NES game so it’s awesome that someone worked out one for the SNES re-release. Its name is accurately called Invincibility plus! I think the plus is added because once you get a 1 up any enemy you hit gives you an extra life.

And lastly for Super Mario Bros 1 we have the code DFB2-AF6E which is awesome! Basically you can swim anywhere you want in any level! Just watch out for Lakitu! Also a couple of weird things happened, when I started level 4-2 it started me in a pit so luckily I have the reflex of a cricket player and smashed jump to swim up right away! Also when I hit the flag pole in 4-3 I think my butt spawned a bullet o bill…so there may be some weirdness with this one!

Super Mario Bros 2.

Anyway, now we will take on the famous Super Mario Bros 2! The Doki Doki panic one, not the lost levels, that will come later if we can find them. Just like the first game there are a bunch of awesome cheats for Super Mario Bros 2, so here are a few of the best ones I found!

Starting off with the code D1D4-FA0D we already have a good advantage. With this cheat in place you can select any world you want for file A! This is handy if you just want to jump to a certain level or if you are tired of getting stuck on that damn ice level!

A more interesting code is 6D60-D506 which claims to give you super powers at death! This is a crazy one! Basically once you “die” you remain on the screen and you can fly around wherever you want! If you hit X you gain 4 hearts and also become invincible! Unfortunately I got stuck after going up a vine and couldn’t progress but I’m sure there is a way around this. If you love Super Mario Bros 2 then this is a game genie code for you!

The code FF63-D5A6 is another weird one! This time when you die it is as if you have just gone down a warp! In world 2 when I tested it it just showed a scrambled level that I had warped too and I ended up back in the same world but this time no music was playing and it was kind of eerie! Also when you select a character after the warp when you spawn it plays the death animation. This was somehow a bit creepy!

DD6A-D1AB allows you to throw the eggs from Birdo back at her without having to actually catch them! Well, to be fair you have to pick one up first, but after that you are stuck in a kind of throwing motion where whenever you press the y button to throw something the egg will move in that direction. This allows you to easily beat Birdo by just pressing Y whilst facing her. This code has to be disabled to complete the level or if you try using it in normal game play as you will get stuck holding an invisible something and won’t be able to go through doors or pick up things normally.

Super Mario Bros 3.

Moving onto the famous Super Mario Bros 3 game, we also have a true abundance of awesome cheat codes for you! It’s hard to pick the best ones but here we go!

Starting with a fun one, DEA1-A8A3 as your game genie code grants you the power to float or even fly without having a leaf! You just have to watch out where you start flying or where you will be landing. Whoops!

If you want to easily rack up lives in Super Mario Bros 3 then the cheat code DF3E-6C49 is for you! With this bad boy enabled 1 coin gives you over 99 lives and glitches the sound a little!

Are you tired of playing every level in the game? Why not try the very strange game genie code E6A8-6CAA with this in play things get weird. For a start you play the first level like regular until you get a power up! From there you turn into a grey racoon Mario that can swim through levels and you are even invincible! Once you pass the first level you turn into a cloud and you can then bypass levels like normal when using a cloud. Hammer bros will still stop you but when you can swim and are invincible it’s not really a problem. This is a super fun cheat and I hope you try it at home if you want a bit of weirdness added to your Super Mario Bros 3 experience!

This next cheat can be used a few different ways by changing the first two characters of the code, so for example if you enter in 3AA8-6CAA you get some pretty interesting results. Once you die you become invincible and turn into what’s referred to as “airplane Mario”. This is so weird. On the map I was a flashing Luigi but when I entered the level I became some weird black sprite that I could just move around with the control pad! It was like swimming but not. When you collide with an enemy it appears as if you lose your power up which I have no idea what sprite that is but you remain invincible! I got stuck at the end of the level though as after hitting the card Mario or whoever this is doesn’t run off screen so the game can’t progress!

I’ll put up the other modifiers for you to explore but they all use the same principle of invincibility after death and a power up of some description!


D6 Flying Mario
30 Raccoon Mario
E1 Tanookie Mario
35 Hammer Mario
32 Pink Flyer
3A Airplane Mario
33 Blue Mario

The Lost Levels.

And the final game of course is the Lost Levels! Also known as Super Mario Bros 2 in Japan! And again, lucky for us, we have a few interesting game genie codes for this game to experiment with!

Starting with DADF-F30D + D7DF-F36D you can start a new game in file A and select any level or world you would like! Pretty handy if you want to skip parts of the game or if you want to be ambitious and just get to the end in record time!

The game genie code EE31-A755 is a bit of an odd one. It seems to change most enemies colour palate! Goombas and Koopa Troopas become a weird green and grey mixture, buzzy beetles become red and even Bloopers get a makeover and become orange instead of the usual pink! Interestingly piranha plants remain the same as far as my tests showed but it is still a cool code!

5667-A755 is an another awesome code! It completely scrambles levels with random graphics from random places, which admittedly can become a hindrance, but it does also show any block that contains an item in a distinct way, meaning you can pick up lots of mushrooms, stars and fire flowers! Beware though, it also shows you poisonous mushies, so keep an eye out for them, and pits, too!

Need some more lives and coins? Try the codes CE89-0455 which turns poisonous mushrooms into 1 ups and also the cheat code C281-0755 which makes every brick have unlimited coins in them, but only when you are small Mario unfortunately. Hey, life has to have trade offs! And on the trade off side this did glitch on me pretty badly, it seemed to play some boss music and just froze the screen. Bugger.

And the last code we will take a look at is the three line monster 9EB6-6F55 + D5B6-6F85 + DAB6-6DE5 which is a cool code that when you die you are warped to world D-1, the last world of the game! Needless to say I couldn’t get very far in this world, damn hammer bros.

Anyway that’s it for today my friends! I really hope you enjoyed hacking Super Mario All Stars on the SNES with me! If you did then be sure to like this video, share it with your friends, make a comment and of course subscribe with notifications on! And if you really like the Mayhem then perhaps you could check out the join button or our Patreon page below. And with that said, I’ll catch you soon!

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