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Epic rap battles of historahhhhhhhhh! There is something amusing about the very concept of the Super Mario Bros rapping but I guess I have seen stranger things on the internet.

Anyway, enjoy this epic rap battle between The Super Mario Bros and The Wright Brothers!

Does anyone else notice a trend with Luigi and Orville’s mustaches? Same barber perhaps!


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Most of you young hispters would be familiar with the tune “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, featuring T.L and Pharrell. I wasn’t personally (apparently I’m out of the popular music scene) but that doesn’t make this video any less cool to Mario fans! Check out this amazing Mario-fied version of Blurred Lines, complete with Goomba back up singers and a man dressed as Bowser rapping. Enjoy! (more…)

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A friend showed me this amazing Jimmy Fallon clip and I had to add it up here on Bowser’s Blog. A viewer supposedly has written in complaining about a lack of lyrics in the Super Mario Bros theme and here is the rapping result.  The way it was set up I was expecting some pretty lame generic pop cultcha rap about Mario but boy does this guy nail it! You can tell Tariq is actually a Mario fan for sure.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy this remix of the Super Mario Bros theme! (more…)

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