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Released back in November 2011, Super Mario 3D land has managed to sell an astounding 9.27 million copies worldwide so far! It’s beautiful graphics, addictive game play and the overall creativity of the beast meant it received critical acclaim after it’s release, with scores like 9.5 from IGN and Game Informer and an aggregated score of 90.09% on GameRankings, it’s no surprise that it has been so successful thus far. As with most games it has it’s fair share of cut content bits and Easter eggs though! So join me if you will as we explore 8 of these random Super Mario 3D Land Facts and trivia!

SM3DL Facts


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I’m sure I’m not the only one who holds a special place in their hearts just for the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES. No, I’m not talking about the very first “Mario bros” but rather our beloved first real Mario side scrolling platformer that has set the standard for the Super Mario Brothers series! Super Mario Bros.!

Today we have 14 awesome facts about Super Mario Brothers for you to enjoy! We also made a video on this topic too so if you prefer your Mario content in video form jump to the very bottom of the post! (more…)

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