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Bowser, King of the Koopa and arch nemesis of our mate Mario. Every good guy needs a bad guy to battle against and Bowser does a pretty awesome job of it! So it only seems fair that we delve a little deeper into the life of Bowser, for without him there would be no Princess to rescue or minions to jump on! So sit back, relax and enjoy these 7 Brutal Bowser facts! There is a video at the bottom for those of you that prefer your Mario’s in video form too!

Brutal bowser facts


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Well…I think all Mario fans knew eventually the turtles would get wind of how Mario was treating them. We can only hope they don’t take out vengeance on us!

Thanks to Sam for the submission! (more…)

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Thanks to Dianne for sending me this awesome picture! As an amateur guitarist and massive Mario fan I must say I was a little bit excited to stumble across such an awesome addition to life! Some Koopa Troopa fan must have hand carved this marvelous piece by hand and then refined it into this awesome piece of rock and roll bad-ass-ary!

Get your Koopa Horns ready to rock…

koopa troopa guitar

(Click to Enlarge)

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