If you ask me which platform games are my favorites, I’ll say “Super Mario” is one of them. It has dominated for over 30 years and continues to do so. But what did this Italian plumber in baggy jeans come up with to get an airlock in our hearts? Let’s see what we can find out.

Coming Up with a Groundbreaking Game

Mario is a welcome change in the gaming community. Every Mario game you’ve ever played is a descendant of “Super Mario”. Since its start in 1985, dozens upon dozens of games have been published. And every one of them is a smash hit. It’s no surprise that this franchise has dominated for so long like Fastbet!

There are a lot of mysteries in this game. It gives you a chill in every moment, from secret mushrooms to pipes that lead to another dimension. It was the first platform at the time that gave you full control over jumping. It also has a control pad for moving Mario around the screen. As a result, we can argue that Mario ushered in a revolution in the gaming world.

A fresh take on the game                      

What set “Super Mario” apart from other games at the time was that it did not throw the players into challenges right away. Instead, they built the level up over the course of the game. This made it easier for players to keep up with the game. Also, it increased the player’s tension, which resulted in more fun.   This is an excellent move, as it encourages players to immerse themselves more in the game.

It gives you hints about how to progress in the game by having limited complexity in the early stages. There, you’ll learn how to run, jump, and move left and right through the stages. Once you’ve adapted, you’ll notice you’ve progressed to a new stage of the game.

Of course, the game’s penalty and bonus scheme motivate the players! Rather than tossing you back to the beginning of the game, it allows you to resume from the stage where you lost.

That was one of the things that set “Super Mario” apart from other high-score games at the time. As a result, players will be able to discover new worlds while still increasing their high scores.

 The developers also created scopes for the players to explore the world from every angle. This is done by concealing coins inside the bricks. And unless you hop throughout the game, you won’t know which one contains the coin. Jumping is one of the most important features in the Mario game and they implemented it to explore the game.


The main goal of this platform was accuracy.  It was a very difficult job to produce such a game when there were fewer great games to play with. Nonetheless, they have managed to keep players engaged in the game.

When developing the game, Nintendo applied a unique approach.  It’s worth pointing out that they didn’t make the game any easier. Instead, they created the game in such a way that each defeat is compensated for by the players.

This immediately encourages them to play again and again. This game is like our lives in that we must act at the appropriate time to progress.

“Super Mario” to the rescue!

“Super Mario” ushered in a sea shift in the gaming industry. The platform was undergoing a dry spell at the time. Its sales were in decline, and it was attempting to recoup it. That’s when NES’s (Nintendo Entertainment System) “Super Mario” seemed to revive the gaming industry.

They broke the monotonous pattern that other games followed. It was no longer all about high scores; it was also about having fun and discovering new things. In fact, the series was so successful that it was the best-selling platform game for a long time.

Mysterious Easter eggs!

Players were aware of Easter eggs even before “Super Mario” came into the world. Yet, the way this game introduced the eggs raised the bar to a new level. I’d also venture to say that many people were only exposed to the eggs because of “Super Mario”.

If you ever have tried the game, you had seen those hidden pipes wrapped around that take you to the new dimension. That was an attraction for a lot of players.

This encouraged players to explore the whole game to reveal more secrets. A lot of developers nowadays implied this feature to their games. In almost every game, you can find tons of secrets and collectibles. All thanks to “Super Mario”!

Game Setup

To start with, Nintendo has come a long way to create an amazing platform for its players to explore new worlds. Indeed, the aesthetic graphics of Mario is minimal compared to the latest games.

But it is also important to acknowledge how we arrived at this stage. There are so many beautiful games out there that are like “Super Mario” because of its popularity. So, it’s needless to say why the game is a gem itself.

I must admit that the game’s creators put a lot of thought into it. They had day/night scenes as well as bridges. The mushroom heads are well-known among players who have tried “Super Mario”. This used to generate a great deal of anticipation among players. Also, they used to be unsure what would happen in the next stage.


If you don’t know, Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of this amazing platform. And this game, “Super Mario”, is based on his childhood. He’d always fantasized about finding a manhole in the wall.

And he was still perplexed by this. But who knew that this thinking would result in the development of such a fantastic game? So, as it turns out, this was indeed a huge success. Because this is the type of imagination we all root for.

And now we know why “Super Mario” is one of the best platform games of all time… The game is done!

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