It is time you return and venture into centre court, reviving your inner Federer or Nadal as Mario of course. The story within Mario Tennis Aces brings to life a challenging yet entertaining twist to the old format that we are all used to with the Mario games. Despite some flaws, there is much positivity we can highlight.

For those of you who have played this game, pushing for the reality and the proposition that real life tennis brings you within a gaming world, can make some of you sceptical. However, this site compares tennis specials with a different light completely, as it is real-time tennis with all our favourite players outside of the virtual world. No Mario here, but if you want to stick to some Mario Tennis Aces, do continue reading on into this review!

After some multiple Mario sports games, Nintendo gave us Mario Tennis Aces for Switch. This game provides the player, some great characteristics and quirks. In fact, the court actually has a very realistic feel, and of course Nintendo will add the character attributes that are so ‘Mario’, such as break dancing after managing to make a set, or temper tantrums after calling your ball out. These features add that typical humorous feel that we can expect from any Mario game series. It is nice to see they kept that touch within their new Mario Tennis release. 

When you first start the game, your adventure will begin by crossing the lands and seas in aid of searching the mystical power stones. These ancient stones are key for control over the Mushroom Kingdom, and ultimately a part of the theme that you need to go along with in order to save Luigi, who has been taken captive by a powerful relic. The relic is surprisingly enough masquerading as a tennis racket, so you can see the link here to tennis. Very imaginative indeed, right?

As Mario, you will play the game in adventure mode, where you will prep yourself for the storm to come in tennis matches. There will be an opportunity where you can have tutorials, just so you know how to play and command the racket in the game. Each time you play against the bosses of the game, who help hold Luigi captive, you level up and improve Mario’s capabilities in terms of speed, agility and other magical powers. Meaning, you must win at all costs!

This storyline that is consistently represented throughout the game brings challenges with motive and incentive behind it. However, you may find that some shots that your opponent makes are unfairly distributed via the RNG within the game, but that is just one minor flaw that is noticeable. All in all, when you play the game via adventure mode, you have some serious opportunities to rally a great storyline for yourself and have actual adventures, jam packed with tennis too. 

There is a CPU tennis tournament feature which you can immerse yourself in too, and here you are playing just tennis with no theme or storyline to go with it. You can battle against all the characters, and rally the best tennis matches by selecting the characters to play with, based on their tactical contributions. Do not worry if you don’t manage to win, this will not penalise your position and everything you have built within the adventure mode.

So, if you are looking for a challenge, you will be happy to know that Mario Tennis Aces can provide you the best of both worlds. You just need to give it a chance and see.

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