Let us all admit it, the announcement of Mario Golf: Super Rush to Switch, has got us all excited and eager for some new Mario fun. However, this does make us remember how there are so many sports titles that are yet to be added to the sports Switch library. Today’s article is a little walk down memory road, to reminisce the exact sports titles that we are still waiting to miraculously be given access to from our Nintendo Switch.

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Mario Baseball

The first game was a Mario game that was available within the era of the Wii. You may remember how this game was all the rage from the first moment it was released. In fact, all the usual characters and faces were accessible to play, with even some characters that were once not playable in any of the other Nintendo Wii game console series, had become an option of entertainment such as Pianta, and Nokis.

If this game happens to make its debut on Switch, it would give all fans the perfect opportunity to follow up on real baseball, and it is exactly what everyone is still pining for, as of yet. Do you hear us loud and clear Nintendo? Make it happen!

Mario Strikers

Here we mention yet another popular game. This one was introduced with a take on traditional soccer. Unlike other Mario sports games, this will revive competitiveness and the aggression that comes when playing against opponents. We call this a super charged game, that will certainly get your blood boiling when playing against friends and family for example. 

While this game was released in 2007 for Wii, fans of Mario have seen hope and a light at the end of the tunnel for this to be released on Switch. When Nintendo happened to acquire Next Level games, it essentially hinted at the possible return and happening of this game on Switch. Time will tell, won’t it?

Mario Hoops 3-on-3

This Nintendo DS title is not talked about much, and it is quite the shame. It happens to bring back the old days where Square Enix were involved within the development phases, and they just added that extra touch to the game quality. This game has a take on traditional basketball, and while it is simple (this is true), we can imagine its relaunch on Switch to be pretty epic if we are honest.

Mario Sports Mix

Last but not least, we have the Mario sports title which combined multiple sports into one game. Yes, we are talking about the one which gives you access to dodgeball, hockey, basketball and volleyball. This game title was very ambitious indeed, however what we liked about it was that Square Enix again gave their touch and added some Final Fantasy characters to the mix, to make things interesting. This game left us wanting more, and we feel if they happened to attack this title again and launch it on Switch, they would satisfy that gap that they left, due to the developments and leaps forward that Nintendo have made technologically.

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