Super Mario, now a Nintendo’s mascot and one of the most popular platform games ever, is a part of the huge franchise. And even if the craze for this video game began after the initial release in 1985, this still remains one of the best-selling video series ever made that also found its way to best gaming consoles or PCs.

Super Mario Games for Casino Lovers

There are plenty of Super Mario-themed casino titles such as Casino War – Luigi’s Thrilling Cards, Luigi-Jack for Nintendo DS, Mushroom Roulette, and Picture Poker in 64 DS. However, the most famous casino game from all the versions you can find at sites such as Yukon Gold casino is slots.

Casino slots have had a long journey from fruit-themed games to TV shows, Movies, Pop Culture themed slots. Some casinos try to fill their sites with top slots and check their RTP, especially at the highest payout casino online.  Being such an international superstar character, Mario was bound to end up on a slot machine. As a matter of fact, there are numerous versions of the classic Super Mario Slot, such as:

  • 8-bit 1 reel slots
  • Multi-line slots
  • Slot bonus rounds & mini-games

Games for Console

Making predictions for winners was the favorite activity of those who played this game on a console. Guessing who will win and what the future holds for each player was top-notch entertainment back in the day. The entire franchise began expanding on different genres as the years went by. And the world’s most famous plumber of Italian origin had hundreds of titles for various consoles. The most famous titles include Cement Factory, Paper Mario: The Origami King, and Golf: Super Rush.

Super Mario Games for PC

The most popular video game series of all time gave birth to some incredible PC titles. Some of these include:

  • Super Mario Epic 2
  • Super Mario XP
  • Mario Worlds
  • Super Mario War

Mobile Games

Apart from the browser versions that you can play on your computer and your mobile devices, you will also be able to find mobile games from this series on the Google Play Store and AppStore. You’ll find titles such as Kart Tour, DR.Mario World, and Super Mario Run.


Who would have guessed that the fictional character created by Shigeru Miyamoto, would make it this far? Not to forget, there are tons of titles where this character appears as the protagonist, antagonist, or as a cameo. After all, we can only say that it is no wonder that Super Mario is indeed a universal game for true fans.

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