There are many industries out there who use different aggressive strategies in a bid to gain more customers and the casino industry is one of those. Slot games are just one element of that industry, but they are a key tool for gaining new customers because of how they can be aimed at different people.

You will find many online games for real money to choose from online, but if you want to play something that appeals to the pastimes you already enjoy, slots is where you will find that. For example, we have seen a push in the number of sports themed slots in a bid to attract sports gamblers to play them.

The same has been seen in areas such as TV and film, with many slots based on popular shows and films in a bid to gain non-casino playing fans interested.

Will the Gaming Industry be Next?

The casino industry is incredibly competitive and those who are at the top of the industry are there because they find ways to keep things fresh. This includes the balancing act of creating new and exciting products to attract new sign ups but also ensuring that their service keeps their regular customers on side.

When it comes to finding new customers, other areas can help and the gaming industry is one of them. When you think about the gaming industry, you immediately think about the biggest names and characters in that industry, with Mario, and the other various Mario characters being some of the first that many will think about.

If slot producers are looking to attract people from the gaming industry and get them signing up to play slots, creating them based on the gaming industry is certainly an option. For example, there will be many people out there who are not that interested in slot games, because they find them hard to keep up with and understand as the themes are complex.

However, the theme of the game can be a gamechanger here and in this example of the gaming industry, something such as a Mario themed game will certainly draw attention.

Let’s say for example the main symbols on the game are based around the various Mario Kart symbols, so you know what they all mean because you play the game. This is going to make understanding the game and knowing what to look out for far easier for fans of the game, even those who are not regular slot players.

If anything appeals to slot game producers it could well be Mario, given the number of potential characters and spinoffs that could be used. This doesn’t have to stop at Mario, we could see games based on the Bowser character from our blog, Luigi or someone else.

It is not just the initial Mario idea that will appeal here, but also the depth and other doors that could open after Mario has been used and brought to the market with success.

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