Horses take part in many sports and even Super Mario Games. Many people are so passionate about these games that they are ready to place bets and win. But it’s important to choose the safest online sportsbook. But there are many more events. Keep reading to know more about them.


Polo is an equestrian game. It appeared about two thousand years ago in Persia. Later it was played in all Asian countries. In Europe, this game took root only in the XIX century after the British saw it in India. There they played by the rules, a little different from the ancient game. The British revised and made the rules of the new game of horseback, in order to save its participants from possible injury. For example, it is forbidden to cut the players, move in front of them zigzagging, such violations are monitored by two equestrian judges. The game is played not only on grass, amateurs also play in the snow in winter.


In the 70s of the last century in France, Horseball appeared. It’s an entertaining and exciting equestrian game. By now, horseball is spread throughout Europe, and in France, this game is particularly popular. There are tournaments on horseball, the best teams meet in the first league, competing for the title of champion.

The popularity of horseball may be due to the fact that it has both the excitement of playing with a ball and the pleasure of contact with a horse. Simple, almost unchanged since antiquity, easy-to-remember rules of the game also attract players and spectators alike.

This equestrian team game is similar to both polo and basketball. Two teams of four compete to toss a ball into a basket hanging 3 meters high. Horseball is an equestrian game where a horse and a rider must merge into one, to become a single organism (a kind of centaur), which will establish mutual understanding and trust.

Other Equestrian Games

Equestrian sports clubs offer other games for riders. One of the most popular is the game of laces, which is reminiscent of knightly tournaments: the rider at a gallop must remove with a spear the rings hanging from a pole.

The game of roses is also known: three riders pursue the fourth and try to get hold of the rose in his boutonniere. In the equestrian game of pushball two teams of 8 riders try to drive a huge ball into the gates of the opponent. The ball is pushed by the chest pony and riders are not allowed to move it in any way.

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