Many casino games have featured several popular video games across different titles throughout the past years, and Super Mario by Nintendo happens to be one of those numerous popular video games. In recent times, with the introduction of online casinos, HTML5 games, and free Flash players, you can find more updated versions of casino games like blackjack, poker, and roulette that have moved onto digital platforms.

Many Super Mario titles have based their mini-games on casino-style games – more specifically one of the top casino games, the slot machine. This can be attributed to the Japanese for parlour games like Pachinko Machine, a mechanical type of game that’s very popular with pro gamblers and casino players. Nintendo has used several styles of casino games as mini-games across their Super Mario titles, though slot styles of games remain the most predominant across many of the Mario games.

Super Mario casino games players can play

When Nintendo Arcade Meets Casino Games

Nintendo’s love affair with casinos and games of chance runs deep, and Nintendo’s history of devoted arcades titles reads long. Now, what do players get when they mix Super Mario, casino games, and competitive multiplayer arcades? The answer is Super Mario Bro Wii and Coin World. Coin World is a curious game developed by Nintendo and Capcom. It’s an arcade casino game that can be played by up to four players, and it’s fed by tokens players buy separately.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are probably the most well-represented and popular casino game across various Nintendo Super Mario titles. But frankly speaking, it’s hard to pick just one game with the best slot machine style mini-game; there are several of them – but every one of them brings a twist on the classic theme. Slot machines are the same with the Mario genre. Nintendo grabs the quirky randomness of slot games and transforms them into the Mario genre without any effort.


The Nintendo DS New Super Mario Brother features Luigi-jack. This a table card game that is much like the traditional casino of blackjack. The aim of the player is to reach or get closer to the score of 21 than their opponent. It’s a multi-player game played by two people. Each player starts the game with 30 coins. The players will win double their cards if they hit 21 with combinations of 5, 4, or 3 cards. Many of these games can be found here at Platin Casino


Mushroom roulette was found in Super Mario 64 DS. This is a roulette mini-game that features the casino betting mat with black and red running alternatively in every slot. Players begin the game with ten coins and can only place a maximum bet of five coins on each symbol. Once they place their bets, Luigi will start the game by rolling the ball on the roulette wheels. A player gets rewarded when their ball falls on a matching symbol.


On Super Mario 64 DS poke video game features as one the Luigi table games. When playing the game, the objective of the player is to have a better five cards than their opponents have. After their hands are dealt, they are given the chance to replace all or some of their cards. The dealer (Luigi) has the same opportunity as well. Both sets of five cards are shown and the winner is the player with the strongest hand.

Nintendo has built relationships over time with casino games and Super Mario. 80% of Mario titles feature one casino game of some sort, especially for players to win an extra coin and bonus lives. Earning power-ups and bonuses outside the main game has become a normal thing – using games of chance is the perfect way to enable a player to do this. This has continued to happen for a while because of their expertise and experience in player entertainment.

There are loads of games of chance and casino games dotted across the Mario series. We hope you had fun reading through our list of the best five Super Mario casino games that casino players can play. The games are pretty fun to play, and you should try out any of the listed games. We are very sure that you will find one that meets your gaming needs as they are all a lot of fun, easy, and exciting.

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