Hello friends it’s Tim here from Super Mayhem, awooo, and boy howdy do we have some kind of weird video for you today.

So it’s no secret I am a Super Mario fan. It has been that way since I first played Super Mario Bros. on the NES around 1990 or so. Anyway, this love of Mario has been with me all the way since then and even featured during my high school years.

Back in 2005 I was in the final year of high school and took part in a Media class. As a result we had to create a video, animation or radio program that had to incorporate certain things to get yourself a pass grade. Naturally, being the gifted drawer that I am I chose to try my hand a flash animation. The subject was in my mind had to be Mario.

So this first clip I’m going to show you is a very short proof of concept idea for what would be my final presentation. It had to feature some form of conflict so I thought a Goomba attack may be a good way to go about this.

As you can see it’s a pretty rough concept, but back In these days there was no mariomayhem.com (which came about a year later) or many other sites where one could easily find sprites and sound effects for the game so I kind of thought I’d take a smash at drawing everything. As you can see I have never been a good drawer in any sense of the word. But don’t worry, it get’s even better with this second more detailed clip which was actually my final presentation for my last year of high school!

There are a few things I have to mention about this final clip. Firstly I had to replace the starting music as it was copyrighted, boo, and secondly it was a homage to the early years of video games, where the advertisements were spectacular and dramatic whilst the graphics, well the graphics were what they were for the time. Make sure you keep an eye on Mario’s legs, they are pretty amazing!

You might ask me, Tim why on earth are you sharing this crap? Well for one I needed content and found these old videos and secondly I wanted to show people that you don’t need to be the best at something when you start out! Everyone has to try and learn skills and try out methods before they can get anywhere. A 10 kilometre walk starts with that first step after all. And thirdly, I was hoping it may make some people laugh as it is pretty amazing in it’s terribleness. And lastly and perhaps most importantly I am hoping that someone that sees this and thinks they can do better actually gives animation a go and has fun with it, that would be my real hopes of this video! Who knows, you may end up as the next Danger Dolan!

Mind you, my last attempt at flash animation wasn’t particularly good either, so as an ending here is the classic Toad denim joke I made. If you enjoyed this short little video then please be sure to smash that like button, share it with your friends, subscribe with notifications on and I would also love to hear your comments on my amazing art work. If you really like the Mayhem then perhaps you could also take a look at our join button or our patreon page below. And with that said, on with the Toad show!

Go bad Mario woaho-o
Gotta save that princess she ain’t no Hoe

Bad Mario couldn’t fit under the fire stick
And that first Koopa, well he was a righteous prick

Go Bad Mario don’t play no Marimba
Go bad Mario, gotta squash that first Goomba

Go bad Mario, go go go!
Go bad Mario, go go go!

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