We love our slots. We love the fact that you spin the reels, have your heat skip a beat and hope for a big win. This is the thrill that a slot machine offers. Now imagine a walk down memory lane with having 2 of your favourite things joined up to deliver greatness:  Super Mario and slot machines.  If you are looking for a joyride to Mushroom Kingdom with a lot of perks, smiles and a classical feel, look no further  as Mario Gold slots have landed, and here we are today sharing the joy with you. ?am The Slots Lad and I will be your guide to Mario Gold Slots.       

What is Mario Gold slots?                 

The brainchild of the Mario brand, the Mario Gold slots is a way to enjoy Mario in a gambling sphere, and to make you smile, you could walk away with the top prize of 900,000 credits. Mario Gold slots is a 5reel and 3 row and 20 pay lines slot game and is overflowing with symbols from the Mushroom Kingdom. You will enjoy the likes of Princess Peach, the Koppa Troopa Turtles and last by not least the Italian Guido turned plumber, Mario.  The backdrop for all your action is the Kingdom, whilst the soundtrack music that accompanies your gameplay is the same as the classical Mario arcae games.  Your main goal? Simple, save Princess Peach from the nasty grips of the evil Bowser, and scoop wins in stashes! 

How to master and win at the Mario Gold Slots

To be fair, the slot game is as easy at it comes, and getting your heard around it is literally child’s play. We suggest that you start off by having a close look at the payable, as that will show you what each character you land in a winning combo and how many coins it awards. The next to know the amount of pay lines and the coin value, that are easily adjustable after every spin that you take. Of course, in a very gambling fashion, if you want your adrenalin to pump hard and the wins to reach you faster, the best way to go is to go for max coin value and also max pay lines. The spin button is not to be missed and is located at the right-hand side bottom of the reels. When you are ready for some action, just hit the spin button, and witness the reels come to life in front of your eyes.

Let us be fair, the Mario Gold Slots is not for everyone, however if you are  superfan of the Mario World, Mario Franchise and the Mario arcade game from the 80s, why not?  Give it a go and uleash all the magic that the slot enjoys.

Can I win big playing Mario Gold slots?

To answer the above question, you would need to understand slot machine volatility levels. Worry not, we are here to give you a short and concise explanation. Low volatility means a slot that awards frequent wins but in smaller stashes, whilst high volatility means the wins are not that frequest, but when you hit a win …boom …get ready for a big win.  In this case Mario Gold slots is a low volatility slot, so wins are expected at a steady pace. Some symbols on your reels award you a x2 when matching 3 of the same symbols, whilst other card symbols award you 5x, which is quite generous! If you are lucky enough to land 5 symbols of Mario or Peach, start planning you next holiday as you will walk away with a hefty 750x. On the other hand, as much as toads can be annoying when you are trying to catch one in your house garden, 5 of the same toad in a winning combo will award you the game’s top jackpot prize of 9000x, which we thank Mario and all of our lucky stars is we manage that.

Where are my bonuses?

Mario fans will remember vividly the chance of landing lives and also coins when surpassing a level. Well rejoice as this feature is also available at the reels of Mario Gold slots, however in the slot’s world, a bonus translates to free spins. Lookout for the star scatter symbols, as landing 3 or more of this symbol, will see you pocket 5 bonus spins with a 3x multiplier added to the overall win from the whole round.  Want another bonus?  You can also gamble away your winnings in the hope of doubling up once a win is secured.  Defy the odds or stay put?  This is the big question dear Mario fan!

Go on, you know you want to!

Super Mario Gold Slots is a guilty pleasure. One of those gems of a games that make you smile and remember the days when we played our arcade games and bluffed at school about it the next day.  If you like Mario and love a bit of gambling on the side, you will enjoy Super Mario Gold slots …and you will pocket some good wins, which let’s face it, is a welcome bonus!

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