When we watch an 80s movie based in Vegas, we just reminisce at the thought of the classical slot machine, the arcade ones.  Back in the days, the graphics were not out of this world, but why is it that nowadays we look back and miss the traditional slot game?  The days of the Commodore 64, the Amiga computer console are way over, or are they?  In a day and age where slot machines at casino sites are full of bonus rounds, scatters, wilds and multipliers, some game providers are going back to the primitive, to the days where the Super Mario franchise issues classical slots for us to binge on, and the rest is just history.

If we take a look back at slot machines that ruled the Mario World, we will see the likes of the following: Mario Party Slot mini game, slot machine in Super Mario World: Yoshi’s Island, slot machine from Mario Land: Shake It!, slot machine barrel from Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong 2, slot mini game in Super Mario Odyssey, bonus chance slot in Super Mario Bros 2, lucky house slot in Super Mario 3D world, and the Casino land located in the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, a game where all of the inhabitants of the Casino land, need to gamble on slot machines in order to collect coins.  As you can see, this paragraph highlights the fact that Nintendo and the creators of the Super Mario games brand have a passion for gambling, for slot machines to be precise. If we had to sum up the Mario world in 3 simple words we would opt for: Fun, Mushrooms and Gambling.  This is how the Super Mario Franchise is taking over slot machines.

We are all aware that the US and gambling do not have the best of relationships, and technically gambling is very much illegal in many states.  Having said that, a new state wide law is being proposed by the US Senate. The new proposal is targeted to uplift the skill level when it comes to gambling games. This new proposal, and hopefully law bill, would throw the ball in the gambler’s court, where game flexibility in terms of RTP (Return to Player) and skill play a big role.  Implementing this change would see casinos open the doors to more gamblers, a variety of players and hopefully target more the younger generation.  But the real question here: how does this tie in with the Super Mario Brand?  Nintendo have always pushed the mark when it comes to gambling, and with the amount of slot and gambling games available in the Mario brand, it is safe to say that Nintendo have a passion for gambling. With new laws implemented, we could see the development of arcade Mario games across the mainstream US casinos, and hopefully this trend with blowout through East and Western Europe, where gambling is as common as having a cup of tea.

With the popularity of the Super Mario slot machines, and also the revival of the arcade game, we are here writing this article in the hopes that Nintendo ready this (wishful thinking we know!).  We dream of a time when we make our way to a land-based casino and waiting for us, illuminated with a flash light, there is an arcade land based Super Mario slot machine, waiting for you and I to hit the spin button. There is also the online world to consider, the regulated world where online casinos dominate our search engines.  We love our gambling, and what we love also is the fun-loving Mario brand, and all its variants and fun that it offers.  Now that the arcade world is becoming the next big thing in gambling, we are pleading that the Mario Brand takes over the coming of age slot machine. Our heart skips a beat, sometimes two when we get to the mini games at the Super Mario games.  Let is hope that the Mario brand will develop such standalone games for both the online and land-based casinos.  When that happens, the 80s and 90s children will be first in line to enjoy the thrills of gambling at the mushroom kingdom, and we will make sure that you are invited!

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