We have seen some interesting video game related movies, like the Super Mario Bros movie or even the Mortal Kombat and Street fighter series, but what about Casino movies? They are kind of gaming related and usually involve some high paced heist or something. Anyway if you are interested in Casino Movies then please read on and let us know your thoughts on the movies we selected!

Do you happen to like mobile scratch card games, movies and casino gambling in equal proportion? Well, in that case, there are lots of casino movies that treat the subject of gambling in a very interesting and thought-provoking way. Some of these you might have watched, others though might be totally oblivious to you.

With that being the case, we spent an eternity and a day searching out the best casino movies ever made and reviewing them. Here’s a detailed list of such casino movies as well as a little overview of what they are all about:

Fear Vegas!- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was released in 1998 and was based on an acclaimed novel that depicted the life and times of Hunter S. Thompson, who was a writer and journalist that sort of loves causing trouble. Johnny Depp plays the lead role and the plot has him taking a trip to Vegas alongside his unhinged Samoan lawyer, with both being tasked with covering a sporting event.

Casino- released in 1996, this was directed by Martin Scorsese and was celebrated for bringing the posh and glamour, as well as the ingrained corruption of Vegas to a global audience. It features a sterling cast, with Robert De Nero playing the anti-hero role.

Casino Royale- released in 2006, this movie starred Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond and is a remake of the same movie that was released way back in 1967. It is packed with action and thrills, as well as the proverbial spine-chilling suspense, with Bond tasked with ensuring that a terrorist financier does not win at the gambling table.

Sail To Eleven Oceans!- the Ocean’s Eleven movie was released in 2001 and has since seen lots of sequels. It has an absurdly star-studded cast and is all about the most audacious and brilliant casino heist of all time.

The Gambler- this 2014 release stars Mark Wahlberg in the role of an erudite prof who happens to have a gambling problem. Soon enough he owes far more than he can ever repay, which leads him into trouble. Thankfully though, a helper arrives in the person of a student of his.

Hard Boiled 8- Hard Eight was released in 1996 and features Samuel L. Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Philip Baker Hall among others. The plot is about a pro gambler who takes on a protege and teaches him all that he knows about the game. Problems occur when a very pretty lady arrives on the scene.

No One Loves A Croupier!- Croupier stars Clive Owen and was released in 1998. It is about an aspiring writer who is obliged to take on a job as a croupier so as to pay the bills. The casino atmosphere provides lots of inspiration to our guy, but soon he becomes overwhelmed by it all. This movie serves as a cautionary tale of sorts to those who blindly jump into the gambling world without plans as to how to later extricate themselves. And that’s all for today, folks!

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