With 2018 just around the corner, we should look back at this year and highlight the best Nintendo Wii games. Luckily, Nintendo Wii users and fans can be satisfied this year because there were a few great games promoted in the last 12 months. In order to save our fans and followers some time and energy, we have created a list of top 6 Nintendo Wii games in 2017.

  1. Star Fox Zero

If you are a fan of action-packed games that you can play on Nintendo Wii, then you should give Star Fox Zero a chance. In this game, you will take the role of a fox fighting across the galaxy. This time you will fight monkeys and other unexpected enemies. This is one of those games that don’t have a long introduction – the action starts right away. You will fight your opponents on the sky, in water, one the ground and in many others places. Every player will get a chance to visit different planets and enjoy the high definition graphics. Star Fox Zero is a very interesting game that requires precision, persistence and tactical skills for success.

  1. NES Remix Pack

One of the things that make Nintendo Wii special is that this console is good for both kids and adults. Nintendo has decided to create a special NES Remix Pack for adult players who want to enjoy the games from the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Retro games are becoming a huge hit on different platforms. For instance, many online video slots are based on popular TV shows, movies and video games from the past. In this pack adult gamers can play some classic games like The Legend of Zelda or Punch-Out!! that come with minor changes like improved graphics and additional options. So, we are talking about games that are trying to provide the same old good feeling like the original NES games.

  1. Super Smash Bros.

Racing, arcade, sports – these are the genres that Nintendo is famous for. However, every now and then, they can promote a good fighting game too. Super Smash Bros, is a true delight for Nintendo Wii fans who want to play a good fighting game. The best part of this game is the characters that every player can select. These characters have an iconic status among experienced players and include Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Pac-Man to name a few. In addition, players can also play against (or with) Link, Kirby, Super Mario, Kid Icarus and more. Every fighting match takes place in a unique arena and players can make combinations with different moves, punches, kicks, and strikes. Don’t forget that this game is suitable for children too.

  1. Wii Sports Club

Do you want to use Nintendo Wii during your family night? Wii Sports Club would be the ideal game for a night like this because it comes with some attractive features and promises a lot of fun moments. This game includes more than one sport. You can play golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, and few other sports. Remember that you can play Wii Sports Club against the console too. There is a motion control option that will make all these games even more exciting.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breadth of the Wild

Open world games are becoming more and more popular and those who have played the Legend of Zelda: Breadth of the Wild know why. It looks like the guys from Nintendo have used the latest technology and all the tricks they have related to gaming experience to create one high quality video game. This is one of the most popular games of all times made by Nintendo. It has main and side objectives and many different options available to players.

  1. Bayonetta 2

Nintendo Wii is a console that is used by many kids and most of the games are suitable for children. However, there are some games created with older players in mind. Bayonetta 2 is one of these games. This is an action game where the players use a female character to fight against different enemies. Bayonetta 2 is definitely a better, upgraded and updated version of the original Bayonetta.

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