What mischief can one get up to in Super Mario Bros 3? Quite a bit it seems if you add a game genie. Join me as I take a look at some classic Game Genie codes for Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES!

SMB3 Game Genie Codes

Standard codes:
SXEZSKOZ – “Skywalker”
EAKZYVEK – Mega Power Jump
XNKXGLIE – Start and stay as Hammer Mario. (can still fall in the pit though lol)

Custom codes:
KKKZSPIU – Debug Menu! Up and down on the start screen select the level. A gives you 5 lives a press. In game hit select to toggle powerups, holding B + select change to Goomba Boot. Can crash the game sometimes.
SXTZPO – Ice skate after attacking with the Power Leaf (Racoon Mario)
YEUXKGAA – Mario is a cloud on the game map, seems to transform Mario into some weird power up where you can swim/fly through levels and Mario’s sprite is replaced with a a black and white piranha plant or something. Abilities are lost when you get hit.
AOSUZI – Pull ice blocks out of thin air, takes away from background scenery if there is some.
SNEZTIAE – Blocks that normally would contain power ups can contain random objects. Supposidly this object is based on the positioning of the screen.
GOYUTV – Spawns chomper plants all around you throughout the entire level. Fun to try with the debug code as well but still impossible. Looks like the Koopalings wand sprites somehow in there too.
PETZZA – Weird Sound and Nighttime. Freezes when you die or end the level.
ISZXYN – can swim in levels without a black BG, piranha plants shoot from inside their pots, can swim in the mountains at the end but not elsewhere in the black.

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