Today we are heading back to 2008 with the amazing 34 million plus unit selling Mario Kart Wii. Get ready to rocket start as we explore 7 awesome facts, Easter eggs and cut content bits from the best-selling Mario game released on the Wii!

Mario Kart Wii facts and trivia

Number 7

Next time you are cruising through “Moonview Highway” take a closer look at the billboards! One of them features a poster for the musical “The Mushroom Moon”. Apart from being hilarious on it’s own, the poster features Petey Piranha climbing a building, it’s possible that this was a tribute to the famous “King Kong” Movie Poster.


Other billboards include this interesting looking Blooper and Piranha Plant Gallery and also this “Light your life” poster that promotes flower friendly green fuel. Hopefully this means there will be less detrimental oil spills in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Gallery Billboard Moonview_Highway_Flower_Poster

Number 6

Hiding unused in the games data is this icon of Mario in a Dragster. It’s thought that this might have been an early design for the banner icon used on the Wii’s Menu.


Also hiding is this Super Mario Bros 1 coin graphic and also an old Styled American flag, which might suggest a language selection option was considered at some point.


Number 5

Unused character icons have revealed that at some point Petey Piranha, a Paratroopa and even a Hammer Brother were planned to be playable characters in the game. Also hiding is this very fashionable third costume for Mii’s that sports a fetching letter C on grey imported Egyptian cotton, perfect for those longer drives.

Mario Kart wii Para Troopa Mario Kart wii Petey Piranha MK Wii Hammer bro MK Wii Mii Out C

Number 4

Nintendo blocked the use of certain words and names such as “Hitler” from online game play. If you try to connect with a blocked name you will receive a message informing you that you won’t be able to connect via Wi-Fi until you change it. Interestingly you can play as Stalin or Osama for example so I’m not really sure where they drew the line.

hitler mii stalin mii

Number 3

Everyone loves the Yoshi Sphinx in Dry Dry Ruins, but if you play the course as a Mii then the sphinx changes from Yoshi to a Mii!

dry dry ruins mii sphinx dry dry ruins mii sphinx 2

Number 2

Getting tired of Lakitu telling you where to go in life? Luckily for you there is actually a way to have this spiny wielding Koopa crushed…for a moment at least. Fireballs from Bowser’s weird machine, Thwomps and also the Crushers in Toads Factory will briefly put Lakitu in his place. (Refer to Video below)

Mario shopping cart

Number 1

Through the magic of game modification it is possible to access 3 unused courses in Mario Kart Wii!

The first course is known as “Old Mario gc b” and is pretty much an exact port of the Game Cube version of Mario Circuit. There are some notable differences however such as a missing Chain Chomp, Piranha Plants are lacking pipes leaving them floating in mid-air and there is no Mini Map to guide you.

This second course is known as “Draw Demo” and is actually identical to Mario Circuit, apart from missing textures that is. Supposedly this hidden course served as Nintendo’s first texture test and as a result features no objects, items or Lap counter.

The third hidden track is known as “Galaxy Coliseum” or “Galaxy arena”. Featuring an outer space theme and also a Topman from Super Mario Galaxy, this track was seen in 3 Mario Kart tournaments but now remains unused unless you modify the game a little. During the tournaments the idea was to knock off the Topman and not get knocked off yourself. This hidden track even featured a unique music file only available on this course, which is actually pretty funky!

These courses are demoed in the video below! Don’t forget to join us on YouTube and Subscribe too!

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