The Mushroom Kingdom is no stranger to weird bosses but we thought we would explore some of the WEIRDEST ones!

Join us if you will as we venture through the land of Mario and visit 9 Super weird Super Mario bosses!

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At Number 9 we have Wart

This SMB2 Baddy was actually originally named “Mamu” in Doki Doki panic but I think it’s good to finally have an accurate representation of a toad slash frog in the Mario series. The official Super Mario Brothers 2 booklet says “Wart is the most mischievous of all in the world of dreams. He created monsters by playing with the dream machine.” Despite having the ability to use magic and curse people Wart lives up to his aforementioned mischievous nature and spits streams of bubbles or water at you. Troll-olololol!

SMB2 A cinema SMB2 A wart wart boss

Sticking with Super Mario Bros 2, at Number 8 – we have Birdo

When it comes to weird bosses, the introduction of Birdo in Super Mario Bros 2 just about takes the cake. What is this thing? Apparently it’s own species, Birdo in SMB2 takes 3 forms. When she’s pink she shoots eggs, when she’s grey or green she uses fireballs and when she’s red she shoots both. There is just something strange about attacking a creature with it’s own eggs, even if said creature is spitting them at you. Oh well, just give me that damn crystal ball and get out of my way so I can enter this hawk’s head…man this was a weird game when you break it down.

ani allstars smb2 birdo Birdo Mario Party 9 SMB2 Birdo Fight

At Number 7 we have the Master hand from the smash bros series

Somehow this disembodied right handed glove managed to bring it’s collection of Nintendo toys to life and then makes them fight to the death. Clearly he has a God complex. If that wasn’t enough this strange Mario boss even makes you fight him in a place known as the “final destination”, pretty ominous…

Master Hand 1 Master Hand 2

Number 6 Salvo the slime from Yoshi’s Island

Talk about weird Mario bosses! Salvo was a pretty unconventional boss, instead of hurting you by touch or attack, this enlarged slime just kind of tries to push you in a lava pit. I guess he was the first boss you come across in Yoshi’s Island so I guess they have to ease you into it, still a pretty strange boss.

Salvo the Slime salvo the slime 2

Number 5 Biokinton from Super Mario land

Despite looking a bit like Lakitu’s Cloud, this weird 4th boss from the 1989 Gameboy classic is actually an incredibly shy creature whom nobody has seen that just hides in a cloud. If this wasn’t strange enough this boss’ attack is throwing chickens at Mario, as we see in this sprite on the right of screen.

Biokinton Biokinton SML3D Bionkinton sprite

Number 4 – Tatanga

Sticking with the Gameboy and Super Mario land theme, At number 4 we have Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman from super Mario land and Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins! This guy was the actual boss of Mario Land and returned in the sequel for a more minor role, however this is probably meant to explain some cross over between the 2 games such as Tatanga was keeping Mario Busy so wario could take the castle or whatever. Either way this guy was a weird boss and he was actually the first extra-terrestrial main villain to appear in the Mario series!

Tatanga Tatanga 1 Tatanga SML2

Number 3 – Chef Torte

This weird boss hails from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! Even though he is an armoured koopa he is also supposedly one of the greatest chefs in the world that takes his job a little too seriously. So seriously in fact that when Mario ruins a wedding he was commissioned to make a cake for he losses it and starts to fight Mario by hilariously slapping his allies as his attack! On top of this weird scenario this boss isn’t actually killable in the game and instead you have to attack his masterpiece of a cake known as Bundt, which comes alive and scares the chef away, leaving you to fight a magical cake.

Bundt boss chef torte chef torte 2

Number 2 – Sorbetti from Super Mario Galaxy 2

I guess by boss standards this strange planet slash snowman from Freezy Flake Galaxy is almost a normal boss…except that he is essentially a snowman head with a bright red vulnerable nose whose only form of attack is rolling around. On a side note he also looks a lot like tap tap from Yoshi’s Island…but you decide.

Sorbetti boss 1 Sorbetti boss 2 Sorbetti boss 3

And finally at Number 1 of our Super Weird Super Mario Bosses list – Eely-Mouth from Super Mario Sunshine!

If ever there was a strange Mario boss, this thing is it. For starters, although referred to as male it appears that this eel has both a masculine and a feminine side combined, with 2 sets of eyes. If this wasn’t weird enough, it is your job to clean this eels teeth because it’s gingivitis had been the cause of the wide spread pollution in the area! I really wonder if this entire game was now based off a bad dental experience of one of the creators…

eely mouth 1 eely mouth 2 eely mouth 3


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