We normally love to encourage everyone at everything here at Mario Mayhem but today we take a bit of a step back and have a lighter(sinister?) look on life.

Today we have ventured forth and found 8 really bad Super Mario cosplay outfits for you to enjoy!

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Video and images after the jump!

8. Super Mario Movie

This 1993 “American science fiction fantasy adventure comedy film” got the costumes all wrong!

mario and luigi movie costumes 1

mario and luigi movie costumes 2

mario and luigi movie costumes 3

7. 1989 Mario Ice Capades

Even though it was hosted by Alyssa Milano and Jason Bateman this ABC show couldn’t be saved. In the defense of the costume department they apparently had to make 30 costumes in 3 months, which is quite a feat!

icecapades mario costume icecapades luigi and koopas costume

icecapades King koopa costume icecapades  Princess Toadstool costume

6. Unfortunate Bowser

bowser costume

5. Official Wario Costume

Despite my brain freeze in the Video this crazy official Wario costume (not Waluigi, duh) is just whacky! The adult version even comes with an inflatable Belly!

You can buy these on Amazon here!

official nintendo wario costume

4. Leather Bros

super mario leather bros

3. Birdo?

latex smb2 birdo costume

2. These guys

crazy mario luigi bowser costume

1. Poor Yoshi

mario and yoshi cosplay

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